Concealed Weapons Everywhere – Police Training Video

What a soothing voice hahah.

The Chinese guy’s scene at the end is begging for a looped animated gif to be made.


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  1. I have this on vhs. It is from a video called Surviving Edged Weapons. An outstanding & very informative tape, if somewhat dated cinematography. While there are some other great folks on that tape also, the man at the end isn’t Chinese, he is Filipino , & the quite capable Supreme Grandmaster of Pekiti Tirsia kali. He lived here in TX for a bit, many years ago. He’s in the states quite often, & if you ever get the opportunity to train with him, I highly recommend doing so. I could tell you stories of this man, but then I’d have to kill you… ;P

    (oh, & as irreverent as it it is, someone beat you to the loop, sorta… )

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      nice, thanks for the info calam.

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      Admin (Mike)

      pure win! You’re the man Anon.

  2. Did you notice the obvious fear and hatred when he said the most evil of all the words in this video, about the teenager’s “workshop.”

    DIYers beware.