Luger Gun Flower

Probably one of the few things involving “Guns” and “Flowers” in the same sentence which the hippies WOULDN’T embrace.

Some damn nice looking Lugers in the mix. That is a gun I definitely want to own some day, the grip angle looks like it would take some getting used to though.


8 responses to “Luger Gun Flower”

  1. Apparently the grip angle makes the luger feel like an extension of your hand, people shoot targets blindfolded with them.

    Its nice to see artillery lugers in the mix btw

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Damn really? Now I need to shoot one ASAP.

  2. I second that. It’s the most ergonomic pistol I’ve ever fired or even held.

  3. Gotta do something with them after they jam.

    1. Ha – there is that. The first Luger I ever picked up I managed to jam – without even firing it.

  4. PhillipC Avatar

    My dad sold one of these for my grandmother from my grandfather’s collection after he died. The buyer had a hard time running a full magazine through it without it jamming, but I do remember that the thing felt absolutely awesome in my hand, and I wasn’t even 15 at the time. Admittedly, I was more used to the plow-handle peacemaker style revolvers at the time, but I hated to see that leave the family. It felt good and was a piece of history. If you ever get a chance at one, go for it.

  5. I’d bet there would be a market for modern day produced versions of this pistol. I’d certainly consider one if it cost in the $400-700 dollar range.