Exotic Handgun Ammunition

I was contacted by Matt Collins, the owner of this collection (on a previous post) where I had this picture up:

In the post I mentioned how I had no idea what most of the ammo was, and it just so happens he has a page up at AR15.com (HERE) naming each one individually.

To get and idea of their relative size, the pic below is nice too:

That is a SWEET collection.


8 responses to “Exotic Handgun Ammunition”

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  3. I think I spotted a lipstick case.

  4. Carmel Mangion Avatar
    Carmel Mangion

    How much powder did the 38 spl. take example. Best Regards ..Carmel

  5. David Swiger Avatar
    David Swiger

    WOW, now that is a nice collection.

  6. Very nice! Great work! ☺

  7. Scientist Avatar

    Maybe I’m blind, but Where’s the 50 cal?

  8. Nice collection! You need the 22TCM that Rock Island Armory came out with. I’ve great things about that round 2000 fps from a 22 round is quite Nice! Just a thought.