Remote ATF Field Office

Nah, it’s just your friendly neighborhood purveyor of good times and vice in Bailey Colorado:


2 responses to “Remote ATF Field Office”

  1. And there was me under the impression that “Doubleshot Liqour And Guns” was the only one. I’ve always said ATF should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

  2. Blog readers with a sense of humor will be amused to know that the gun store closed shop last year – owner retired is all – and as of mid-2010 has been replaced by a medicinal marijuana vendor. The sign still reads “Alcohol Tobacco Firearms” instead of “Alcohol Tobacco Marijuana”, but we want everyone considering visiting us to know that there’s still plenty of good times and vice to be had out here in Bailey. Plus, it’s still true that America Will Act, even if we’ll be a little slower on the draw now…