Kid Has Negligent Discharge Indoors With AK-47

A lesson to all gangsters: If you’re talking shit to the camera with a gun in your hand, make sure it’s pointed in a safe direction and your finger is off the trigger.

He’s gonna be grounded for that.


11 responses to “Kid Has Negligent Discharge Indoors With AK-47”

  1. not only in a safe direction and finger off the trigger, but umm how about UNLOADED!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      His foes wouldn’t have taken him as seriously if he didn’t load the gun though. :P That’s straight from “How to be a G” Chapter AK Verse 47

  2. Halo_Storm Avatar

    Looks fake, the gun itself looks like airsoft and the muzzle flashes look to fake. Is that the kid from “My new heater”?

  3. Evil Josh Avatar

    Beautiful example of what happens when you do not raise kids around firearms in a responsible manner.

  4. Yay!

    And here are more kids playing with guns:


  5. Next time I hope he suck-starts that thing. This kid is the reason Gun-banners gain so much momentum.

  6. Fake video. Muzzle flash superimposed and gunshot sound effect added.
    Everyone calm down. These kids aren’t bad with guns; they’re good with video editing software.

    1. God damn video editing software…

  7. Agreed that it’s fake.

  8. Thirded.

  9. Fourthed.