Combat Cuisine – Meals In Afghanistan For Assorted Countries

Each year, among the countries with troops in Afghanistan — the current number is 47 — tens of millions of dollars are spent researching how to fit the most calories, nutrition and either comfort or fun into a small, light package. The menus and accompaniments are intended not just to nourish but also to remind the soldier of home.

Check out the interactive version to see what’s in them – HERE

All of them look pretty nasty!

Full story – HERE


5 responses to “Combat Cuisine – Meals In Afghanistan For Assorted Countries”

  1. you know, some of those look pretty decent… then again, some look pretty outrageous!

  2. If the Ukranian meal is the “officer’s ration”, I would hate to see what they shovel at the enlisted.

  3. if you have never depended on a MRE (from whatever country) you are a lucky man (or woman). The Agfan warzone is a bizarre of ready meal swapping, but it is the ‘other’ items along with the meal that can be worth their weight in gold. From the US matches, to the UK candy, or the Italian toiletries!

    wishing all the troops of all nations in the field pealing back that foil, all the best and a swift safe return to their respective countries and loved ones :)

  4. The US MRE’s really aren’t that awful. It’s just that some people turn their nose up at anything that isn’t a freshly cooked meal from home. When you’re tired as all get-out and eating when you can, a bunch of food that never goes bad in individually wrapped packages is handy. It may not be gourmet, but modern MRE’s sure seem like it compared to the really old stuff.

  5. Thomas Jackson Avatar
    Thomas Jackson

    All look a hell of alot better than I had in the SE Asia Championships.