Homemade Square Suppressor For Uzi


Pretty neat! I bet that thing has some real weight to it.

The parts (left), Assembled baffle stack (right):

The finished product (front):

The finished product (back):

I love seeing peoples home gun projects when they turn out cool like this.

More pictures and info in the AR-15 thread – HERE


9 responses to “Homemade Square Suppressor For Uzi”

  1. But remember – if we ban guns, they will all just magically disappear, and no one will be able to make any!

    On the flip side, it boggles my little mind that the government honestly believes they can effectively regulate a product that simple to fabricate. I mean, I cannot make one, but apparently “garage-industry” is possible when it comes to suppressors.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea pretty awesome what people can do with some basic metal working tools and some welding. Besides the time he put in, the cost of the suppressor would be so minimal.

  2. Impressive. I wonder how much it weighs.

    1. I just read his post at AR15.com, he said it weighs 36 ounces. I think it’s a brilliant design. I would love to try this myself.

  3. I’d love to see the difference that would make in Full-Auto.

  4. Shame the german law does not allow such nice things at all! But it is nice to know how easy it can be made.

  5. jm rivea Avatar

    helo…nice work…me also made some suppressors made mrom pvc, simple washers as baffles… now, me trying to perfect my 38 revolver,as op da moment, it sounds like a deep loud noise or like a little bit louder ver. of a unsuppressed 22lr, or like, a loud pounding on a book on da floor=> BOWWWGGgg!!!hhhhh. right now, me alwedy hapi with it since it has no tinitus, me watched some videoes, suprsrs does not slows down da FPS of da bullet, wen chronoed…it even added anotha 20fps more, so ip its imposible to slow it down, now me reseaerchn how to cancel sounds- like adding fan blade-like baffles, ip u research on hi-end racing mufflers, da fan blade like baffle reduces automatically 10db, anotha option, me gona try is to put coil pipe with coolant, coz soundwaves turns to heat

  6. Bryce Bowers Avatar
    Bryce Bowers

    how long and wide were the baffles before you bent them

  7. Hello
    do you have machine drawings so i can make on of my own ?