AR-15 Desk Lamp

I’m a huge fan of integrating guns into design of otherwise mundane household items, so this piqued my interest:


First off everything you see on the lamp is real AR 15 parts with the exception of the barrel.
The base is 1/2″ aluminum type II hard coat anodized black and then color filled white, the feet are .50 caliber shell cases compliments of FiftyCalAl.

You can see the entire thread – HERE (Restricted to team members though I believe)

Sadly It appears the lamps are not available for purchase, although the maker has done custom orders in the past. The lamp is a prize in a charity raffle event designed to raise money to purchase some badass Combat Axes for our Nation’s Elite Special Operations Forces.


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  2. I’m the maker of that lamp. Thank you for the compliments and just to clarify that particular lamp was made for the raffle and I’m in talks with site staff at to place them in the online store.

    The only part of that lamp that I cannot sell id the Bolt Face Logo base. I’ve done several other lamps to include three for Spikes Tactical and two for LaRue Tactical. I do sell the lamps and they are built to order. Anyone interested in them can contact me directly at [email protected]

  3. I’ve started a website and Facebook page.

    Look for Tactical Lamp Maker on Facebook

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks for the update Frank. Your site isn’t working now though.

      1. That’s because I forgot part of it. It’s

        I may upgrade it to a .com address at some pointm I may even change the name, if I do I’ll post it here.

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  6. Frankie Mays Avatar
    Frankie Mays

    Anyone interested in a lamp can contact me via email.

    [email protected]