Colbert On Guns And The Supreme Court McDonald Decision


Entertaining, but snidely anti gun.

For Canadians – HERE (Skip to 4:30 for the gun stuff.)


3 responses to “Colbert On Guns And The Supreme Court McDonald Decision”

  1. This video is the first time I’ve watched Colbert since before the election. I couldn’t make myself watch the whole thing. I used to love the show, and even enjoyed his book. I still think he’s funny, but I can’t watch the show any more. Same with The Daily Show. They both really started to get under my skin.

    I think its the fact that the damaging liberal agenda is being crammed down our throats each and every day that makes me less likely to enjoy the sarcasm and “wit”. It was one thing to laugh at the show when I could convince myself that they realy weren’t doing any harm. Its completely another matter when “they” are trying to take my country apart.

  2. I’ve never liked Colbert’s smarminess, and nothing I saw here made me willing to change my mind. Why would you go onto that show, even knowing that the guy is just going to ooze dickishness all over you and it’s “all in fun”, when you’re only going to be made to look a fool? That lawyer from the Cato Institute, assuming he was the real guy, would have looked bad in virtually any context judging by his responses, but here he looked like he was woefully out of his depth on a comedy show.

  3. snoopycomputer Avatar

    I wanted to be in the studio to make Colbert stop waving those prop guns around willy-nilly.
    And, “What regulation would you support, sir?”
    Me? – Mandatory gun education classes for all registered voters.