Nike Special Forces Boot For Operators

A 21st century boot for high-speed operators. The lightweight Nike SFB Men’s Boot was engineered to the specifications and needs of global first responder professionals, including: military, rescue and law enforcement. As the lightest, fastest-drying, highest mobility performance boot we’ve ever made, the SFB offers superior comfort for extended wear, straight out of the box.

Just high-speed operators Nike? Not high-speed low drag operators that are in the primary all the time slaying bodies? …Or is that implied?

It seriously blows my mind that only ~37,000 people have seen the following video I quoted in the previous paragraph:


Probably one of my favorite videos on youtube.

But I digress…

Those Nike boots actually look pretty nice. If they are as comfortable and as well made as their shoes  sure they will be a huge hit.  For urban use though, i’ll be sticking with my usual white Air Force 1s.

The Special Forces Boot is available in three flavors:


14 responses to “Nike Special Forces Boot For Operators”

  1. Josh G Avatar

    If they had the Swoosh, I’d buy a pair.

    For now … well, it’s quite an assortment of Air’s … my favorite recent “favorite” being Gucci AF1’s.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Those Gucci print ones are pretty sick!

  2. Bryan S Avatar

    How long will they last before falling apart… that is the question.

  3. Nice on the Forces lol

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I like the classics! Air Forces in the summer Timberlands in the winter. I have other shoes and boots as well, but that’s what I have multiples of.

  4. The boots are kind of neat but that video…..

    Its awesome, goodtogo?
    It reminds me of all super serious tacticool d-bags with NO army, cop, etc, experience. No fun allowed shooting guns, only hardcore tactical training at all times, goodtogo?

  5. Andrew C. Avatar
    Andrew C.

    I’ve had these boots for over a year now. They’re as comfortable as sneakers but I haven’t worn them for much more than normal work days. I’m unsure how they would hold up to several weeks in the field.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good to hear they are comfortable. Nike obviously has more than enough money for proper R&D so I hope they used some of it to deliver some quality boots. It would be disappointing if they fell apart in the field.

  6. lol, iono if anyone thought this but the first thing that came to mind for me were:
    spec forces boots made by chinese sweatshop workers =P

    1. Jordan Avatar

      No way man, they have Pakistani orphans making the Nike stuff now. I am sure the build quality is much better than the Chinese sweatshops, since orphan hands are so much smaller and able to get into those hard-to-sew parts, goodtogo.

      Also, if you think that guy up there is High-Speed-Low-Drag, you should see THIS guy!

      From what I could tell, this guy was 100% serious, and actually believed the words that were coming out of his mouth. No BS. He has several videos that either make me facepalm or cry, and I am sure that someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about could have a field day with this kid.

      Here are some more of his “Greatest Hits”

      The Sequel!

      Advanced Pistol Course For Mall Ninjas:

      And lastly, him being scared shitless of a Sig P220:

      I have wanted to tell people about these videos intended only for the l33t-est of the ub3r l33t operators, and now seems like the perfect time.


      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        hahaha awesome vids Jordan! Thanks

  7. Operators gonna operate (NOW IN NIKE BOOTS!)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)


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