Washington Post On Five Myths About Gun Control

  1. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
  2. Gun laws affect only law-abiding citizens.
  3. When more households have guns for self-defense, crime goes down.
  4. In high-crime urban neighborhoods, guns are as easy to get as fast food.
  5. Repealing Chicago’s handgun ban will dramatically increase gun crimes.

Full twisted load of BS – HERE

Of course the Brady Campaign agrees with every word of it – HERE


6 responses to “Washington Post On Five Myths About Gun Control”

  1. Davis F Avatar

    I agreed with the first 3 things, but then I realized the point they were trying to make once I opened the article. Might want to be a little more clear on this.

  2. What a load of bull. If leading dailies start doling out such articles, you can pretty much kiss your gun goodbye.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      yea people will believe anything that the those major papers print :(

  3. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    It’s an effort to tie the right to keep and bear arms to crime. It was and is NOT about that. It’s to maintain an armed citizenry to keep those that we elect to govern from abusing their power. This would be interesting if it wasn’t the same tired rhetoric of every ruling class in history that seeks to disarm the people in the name of safety and security.

  4. Will. Manchester, England Avatar
    Will. Manchester, England

    I’m confused. Why do any of you feel the need to own a gun? If you are not a farmer or in the army what could you possibly need one for? Frontier times are over – get over it.

    Look at the stats: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur_wit_fir_percap-crime-murders-firearms-per-capita

    And before you start bleating about the size of the US population, those are PER CAPITA stats. Just below Mexico and above Uruguay, eh…that’s some nice company you’ve got there.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Because I don’t see any reason not to own guns?

      I know you’re probably just trolling for an argument, but do you honestly think life is better where you are in the UK? I’m sure it has a lot of similarities to the U.S. in the fact that there are shitty areas you’ll never go to because they are too dangerous, and that is probably where most of your crime happens. Well the same thing happens here… I live in an upscale neighborhood where a majority of the people probably have at least one gun and there has never been a murder here. Murders are going to keep happening in the rough areas of every city no matter what laws the government tries to make.