Jessica Biel And Guns

Jessica Biel on the training she recieved for the new A-Team movie:

I had this really sexy 9-millimeter Beretta, and I trained a lot with an M4 machine gun. Before, I felt very scared of guns. But you learn about them and then you feel capable, and it becomes an empowering experience.”

Full article at Glamour – HERE

Glad to hear actors and actresses speaking up about their love for guns.  Another one I recently talked about was Ashton Kutcher.

I wonder if Justin Timberlake (Biel’s boyfriend) likes guns as well?


11 responses to “Jessica Biel And Guns”

  1. Nice article about a very nice girl, but it’s too bad that whoever trained her didn’t teach her that the M4 is an assault rifle, not a machine gun.

    1. Trent Avatar

      Virtually everyone understands that “machine gun” means a full auto weapon.

      1. John M Avatar

        Virtually everyone is incorrect. ;)

        1. By virtually everyone, you mean to include federal firearms law, since an M4 is a machinegun by legal definition? I’d say that anyone who understands the term “machinegun” to mean a full auto weapon, or a full auto weapon to mean a “machinegun,” is absolutely correct.

  2. Trent Avatar

    I’ve always liked Jessica Biel, and now I have even more of a reason. Very cool.

  3. Makes me want to get a beretta.

  4. What is that line again?

    There is nothing better than a fine-assed woman holding a fine-assed gun…?

    Yeah. That about covers it.

  5. Rosie O’ Donnell likes guns too. In fact, she likes them so much that she wants to keep them all for herself and her bodyguards.

  6. Nothing to do with the article, but I like that picture. She’s got her thumb right up there front and center as if to say, “Look at this Megan Fox, I don’t have toe thumbs and you do.”

    1. That’s hilarious!

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hahaha take that Megan Fox.