Pirates Terrorize Boaters And Fishermen On Texas Lake Along Mexican Border

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Scary stuff.  Unless these Americans are fishing for a living in order to put food on the table, I don’t know why the hell you would risk fishing and/or boating if you knew a Mexican drug gang (Los Zetas) was cruising around robbing people. Seems like a dumb risk, even if you are armed.

Also, since when can you just freely drive across borders (water or land)? I thought it was a universal thing that you needed to go through a port of entry or have prior authorization of some sort.  Also, can U.S. citizens normally fish freely in Mexico?  That’s what it sounds like in the article and video.

I’m sick of hearing about shit like this.  When is that damn fence going to be complete already?  And will it extend through the water part of the border? :D


4 responses to “Pirates Terrorize Boaters And Fishermen On Texas Lake Along Mexican Border”

  1. Ian Argent Avatar
    Ian Argent

    Inertesting that the pirates stay away from the US side of the line. That probably means something

    1. DERP DERP, Yeah, it probably means that a bunch of hard ass dudes are scared of the pudgy old men that comprise the Minutemen.


  2. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Ugh. “Assault weapon”. I highly doubt that those pirates are using semi-automatic versions of assault rifles. They’re probably using real assault rifles purchased from South and Central American weapon smugglers.

    But like Ian said, the fact that they avoid our side means something. If only it shows a fear of being prosecuted for international piracy.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      South America? Central America? What about the gun show loophole? :P