The Success Of The Chicago Gun Buyback Makes Me Cry

Of the 4,050 firearms traded in for gift cards, there were 55 assault weapons and 3,335 handguns, along with 660 replicas, according to the Office of Police News Affairs.

During the first half hour of the gun buyback program this morning, 1335 weapons were turned in, officials said. The department offered up to $100 for weapons handed over.

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:(  … 3390 firearms gone just like that. Well at least Chicago will be a utopia now, free of violence.

Someone even turned in inert hand grenades and cause a huge shitstorm with the bomb squad. I wonder if they got $100 each for them? That would be a pretty sweet profit if they were the usual cheap gunshow ones.

They annihilated last years total of 1900 guns, which mayor Daley mentioned in his ABC interview a couple of days ago.


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  1. Wow.
    I honestly didn’t think anyone would turn much in, especially since they would lose money just by turning them in instead of selling them. What a waste….

  2. Would you honestly want any of these? We’re enthusiasts and these were probably junk models in horrible conditions anyways. Since anyone who knows about weapons is more likely to take care of them they would also know its worth more than $100.

    Unless these were stolen from an enthusiast.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree that most are probably junk, but I bet there would be some real gems.

    2. Trent Avatar

      I saw an INOX Beretta 92 and an H&K USP in one picture…of course, those could have been plants for the photo op.

      1. If you looked more closely you would have noticed the $10 tag on those, indicating that they were “BB guns, air guns, or replica guns.” Those chintzy-looking grips on the “Beretta” and the apparent lack of safety/decocking lever make it look like a toy. The one above it is hard to see, but it also has a tag on it that says “10.”

  3. Halo_Storm Avatar

    A grim day for Chicago & California, my own state, not only have thousands lost an important tool in defense, but thousands of firearms that could be use to save so much lives have been ruthlessly destroyed.

    Just putting this out there, this can be seen as part of the government disarming their citizens.

  4. Chase Avatar

    I agree with Edwin, chances are these were turned in by people who know very little about guns, who needed some cash, and who probably didn’t clean their weapons well. Or who stole them or something.

  5. Only “assault weapons” were worth $100
    non-scary-looking guns were worth $75,
    replica, BB/airsoft/air guns, etc were worth $10.

    As a Chicagoan, I feel shamed.
    I would really like to see a bunch of people go in to one of the collection sites and try to buy the guns back from the cops.
    Or put up a booth down the block offering 1.5 times what the city would pay.

    I bought the new edition of “More Guns, Less Crime” in retaliation.
    Yeah, my protest sucks. :(

    1. Trent Avatar

      Unfortunately, you would have been arrested for possession of a handgun in the city limits. For some reason, they won’t prosecute those who were breaking the (unjust) law by turning in a handgun, but Daley forbid that you be carrying a gun you weren’t going to turn in!

      I’m wondering how they squared this turn-in effort with their prohibition on carrying or possessing handguns in the city.

  6. Awww.... Avatar

    Rats; I could have traded in those junk guns people keep giving me

    1. Bryan S Avatar
      Bryan S

      And make their effort look successful.

  7. Awww.... Avatar

    … and by that I mean the real unsafe to shoot ones. I’d probably have enough to get a few new pieces for my Socom 2

  8. I’d be curious to see what was turned in. But I agree with a couple of the other posts – I’ll bet if you set up your own booth offering more you’d regret it after all was said and done. It’d be like panning for gold – you’d end up with 100 pieces of junk for every decent item you got.

  9. Logic? Avatar

    1335 guns in one area, in Chicago nonetheless, in a half hour, and no one was shot? The gun-control advocate in me just died a little…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)


  10. Something isn’t right here…

    Why are all the “assault” rifles AR variants? No idiot, thug or otherwise, is going to turn in an AR for a hundred bucks, to say nothing of the dozen-plus shown in the pile. That makes precisely no sense whatsoever- I can see one or two ‘hot’ guns being turned in to dispose of ’em, but a whole stack? And all ARs?

    Something doesn’t smell right.

    To follow that, one of the commentors from the article notes that 55 “assault rifles” at $100 each, 3335 handguns at $75 each, and 660 “replicas” at $10 each equals $262,225. Yet the article notes they only raised $46,000 for the program this year… Where did the other $200,000-plus come from?

    I wonder if all those ARs actually came from from one of the local police armories, were piled up for a quick photo-op, and bundled back off to the storeroom.

    The AR thing bugs me. Thugs and gang-bangers don’t use ’em. That’s not a hard-and-fast rule or anything, but in general the crooks don’t like long guns- they’re too hard to hide, too big to ditch easily, too big to hide in a car or shoot from a car, etc. That’s why shotguns are either sawed off or have pistol grips- like the Mossberg shown in the article’s photo.

    Which could explain why they were turned in? Maybe, but still, a STACK of them? One or two I could see- maybe the Vietnam-era ones in the pic, something Uncle Earl brought back from his Tour and finally decided it’s too much of a risk to have in his house. But a couple of dozen?

    That don’t smell right. That smells more like “photo-op set-up” to me.


    1. Have you ever heard of the term “file photo”?

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea like Josh said, I just pulled that photo off the net by searching for “pile of guns”. I imagne ARs , AKs etc.. get turned in all the time though. Maybe even by a deceased gang members family who they lived with.. who knows? I bet it happens though.

      1. Okay, you can consider me an idiot. :) I thought the pic came from the article…


  11. This is more smoke and mirrors out of King Daley. Most of the guns turned in were not even functional, as quoted by a Chicago Sargeant. Does anyone honestly believe that this will save any lives? BTW, if you show up with a gun after all the gift cards are gone don’t expect to leave with the gun. They will be confiscated and you will receive an IOU from a city that is broke.

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