PBS – Need To Know – Episode #1

Last night’s episode is now available to watch online:


I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m going to later tonight. It appears that the gun content starts at around 12 min.


8 responses to “PBS – Need To Know – Episode #1”

  1. Bob M Avatar

    The edited package was mostly fair but you clearly hear the bias in the last interviewer’s voice while talking to Larry Pratt. Bloomberg is, as ever, delusional.

  2. Chase Avatar

    I think Bloomberg made a persuasive argument. I disagree with his implication that tougher gun restrictions led to less crime in New York, but I nevertheless think that he laid out his position very convincingly and gave every sign that he listens to reason and isn’t just an ideologue.

  3. Josh G Avatar

    Agreed. Bloomberg came across pretty well, and says what most pro-gun advocates say … “Enough laws, let’s just enforce the ones we have!”.

  4. Bob M Avatar

    Except that almost everything he actually does is at odds with that simple statement.

  5. Indeed. Bloomberg speaks out of both sides of his mouth. “I think this is a state’s rights issue and what’s good for one state might not be good for another.” Except, oh yeah, I want to impose the will of my state on Virginia. (And break federal law doing so.)

    “I am not trying to make any new laws, I just want the ones on the books enforced.” Except, oh yeah, all these laws that i want to make.

    It seems that interview was very carefully crafted to make him seem sane, while his policies are clearly not so.

    If Bloomberg would “listen to reason” he’d see that the “gun show loophole” isn’t a “loophole” at all. If I sell my car, I’m not an “unlicensed car dealer”, I’m just a dude selling his car. Why should my gun (or gun collection, or any other legally owned property) be any different? Now, if you want to open up a “Non Dealer NICS” that I can *voluntarily* use when selling my guns, then go ahead. But that isn’t what Bloomberg and his associates want, and they’re not very open about that. Just go to the MAIG website and see all the new laws they want to make.

  6. Jeez, its like Meechem has nothing else to do since he’s gonna lose his job at Newsweek.

    Oh and Bloomberg just said that “he has no right to tell other states what to do.” What a liar.

  7. I yelled at the screen when that idiot asked “You would prefer a gunfight at 30,000 feet???” right after 9/11 was raised. I highly doubt it was a lay-up by the interviewer, but anyone with a higher cognitive ability than a rock should have been able to figure out that a gunfight on a plane would have been better than the events of 9/11. Instead, when told it would be preferable to flying into an office building, he just processes the information and appears to realize he was wrong. This is exactly what’s wrong with anti-gunners, they can’t think more than zero steps ahead. I expected more from a pbs interviewer.

    I’d love to play chess with some anti-gunners… “HEY! I can take his rook! … HEY! I can take his bishop! … HEY! How’d he win?!”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea unbelievable. He shut that interviewer down good.