Doonesbury Characters In Starbucks Again With People Open Carrying Guns

Doonesbury decides to revisit the Starbucks open carry topic in another useless strip:

Doonesbury – Source

Yahoos… Morons… loudmouth gun owners?  The tone hasn’t really changed…  Holy his comics are boring.

I am not familiar with the characters in Doonesbury, so I looked “Leo” up.  According to Wikipedia’s list of characters:

Toggle (real name Leo DeLuca) – a veteran of the Iraq war. Toggle, a young heavy metal fan, was wounded in an ambush while serving as Ray Hightower’s driver, and has returned home with aphasia and a loss of sight in one eye. B.D., his former commanding officer, often checks in to see how he is doing. While recovering from his injuries, Toggle met Alex Doonesbury over the Internet and has become her boyfriend. He has considered attending Walden under the new GI Bill, but came away from Zipper’s tour unimpressed.

Seeing as Leo fought in the Iraq war, I believe he would have used the M240 not the M60 which Trudeau mentions in the comic strip.

Trudeau sure knows how to beat a stereotype to death.

If you missed all the previous anti-gun Starbucks comics he did in March, you can find them HERE


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  1. The intolerant bigot has found a hot button that is generating him all kinds of attention (remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity), and now he is going to beat the everloving hell out of it.

    Kind of a pavlovian response, but given that he makes a living off the public’s attention, it makes sense.

  2. I dont think it gets its point across, putting Leo as a machine gunner seems hippocritical. And it seems like the anti-open carry people are the ones being annoying/condescending

  3. Depends on what point in the war, one friends spent a year behind a pig over there. Of course that was early enough that armor on Humvees was a pretty new idea too. Sometimes people can’t believe what we did back “in the day.” (I rolled to Kabul once in a two vehicle convoy consisting of white Toyota Land Cruisers once!) Regardless, there were still 60’s over there at least as late as ’04.

    As for the Doonsebury people, I hope they realize that a lot of us OCers spent time X years behind whatever gun in Iraq/Afghanistan defending, among other things, their right to be morons about guns too.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Interesting Fred. I guess it takes a while to phase out and replace old equipment.

      1. Especially when that old equipment is still pretty decent. Aviation has no plans to upgrade from their 60’s (M60D in their case.)

  4. I was thinking M60? Must be national guard! lol. When I was deployed in ’02 the only time I recall seeing an M60 was on a helicopter. Although, the only troops I ever really had contact with were from Ranger Battalion, SF, or 82nd, so everybody had the latest and greatest gear; I don’t know what the rest of the Army had. But his bio says “Toggle” was a driver. I did a search on Google for more information and found a discussion somewhere that indicated that Toggle was a commo guy, which could jive with the driver thing, if he normally drives his CO or 1SG. Anyway, if he was a commo guy and/or someone’s driver, I doubt he’d be spending time behind a machine gun anyway.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Big surprise that Trudeau likely messed up on some facts :P

  5. I love how the female in the pink insults the OCers off the bat and then she gets all offended when the OCers retort. Hypocrite much?

    1. Great point. First of all, I hate when people pull this “I spent x amount of time defending your freedom to do this or that…” I find it to be very unprofessional. And it seems that oftentimes the ones saying that kind of thing are either people who spent their time overseas in the relative safety of the rear anyway (and are probably a little self-conscious about that), or it’s their family that gets uppity about stuff – “my husband is over there defending your right to say that, etc, etc.” Either way, it’s not the “quiet professional” that brags, or phrases an argument that way when referring to his service.

      And what the hell is with the “defending your right to be a moron with guns”? What the gun owners in this strip should have done was shake this kids hand, thank him for his service, and politely remind him that he did not defend their “right to be a moron with guns,” but he defended all rights that Americans enjoy, and among those is the legal right for those with the appropriate training and certification to carry a firearm in public, including inside a Starbucks coffee shop. Perhaps they should have asked him how simply choosing to exercise a legal right makes them morons.

  6. Why do you keep giving him attention though? :p

  7. You know, Berkeley Breathed was always accused of ripping off Trudeau’s style. And while I may not have always agreed with Breathed’s politics, I sure love this one:

    (and no, it’s not about Opus, despite the URL).

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe that’s pretty good.

  8. I’m sorry, did Gary Trudeau and Doonesbury gain some type of relevance while I wasn’t looking?

  9. Dannysaysnoo Avatar

    This cartoonist needs to work on being more s-s-s-s-s-subtle.

  10. Miguel Avatar

    +1 Pete. Nobody who matters reads this strip or even knows it still runs. No use getting upset about it any more.

  11. Stevek Avatar

    I rocked a 60 in Iraq in 03 and 04. I’d take it over the 240 anyday!

  12. Nicolai Avatar

    Actually Hightower serves with National Guard on his later tour – so… M60 it is.

    I think when Trudeau refers to carriers as morons he has the record murderrate in mind……