Army Warrior Transition Units

The New York Times has a heartbreaking report on the Army Warrior Transition Units:

For many soldiers, they have become warehouses of despair, where damaged men and women are kept out of sight, fed a diet of powerful prescription pills and treated harshly by noncommissioned officers. Because of their wounds, soldiers in Warrior Transition Units are particularly vulnerable to depression and addiction, but many soldiers from Fort Carson’s unit say their treatment there has made their suffering worse.

Full Story – HERE

Army WTU website – HERE


6 responses to “Army Warrior Transition Units”

  1. If this is true then someone should face a court martial. This is totally unsat. Great find Mike.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      ugh yea :( this needs to be stopped

  2. Zachg56 Avatar

    I call bullshit on this one….especially when this article came out ealier this year

  3. Bryan S. Avatar

    VA care is often pretty crummy, I dont see how this would be any better. Dont worry, its the same type of care they see in the UK, and we will all see some day.


    Its a shame that these people are wounded doing a job, and tossed aside like some orphan in a Dickens novel.

  4. Zachg56, Jeremiah Workman (USMC, received Navy Cross for valor in Fallujah) wrote a damning book about his struggle with PTSD when he returned stateside. The psuch “help” was to push pills at him until he was a zombie.

    The Shadow of the Sword

    I’m with Solomon – heads should roll. In all fairness, though, Workman says that it’s not easy being a hero in the Corps. Institutionally, they don’t know how to deal with a lot of things except by “man up”. But someone needs to figure this out. The book is pretty hair raising, and I’m not talking about the part in Fallujah.

  5. Zachg56 Avatar

    Hmm….good point

    well the way I see it, if it’s true, heads better damn be rolling, but if it’s false, well, wouldn’t help to keep our eyes open