Miller Light Offers Their Beer With A Rifled Neck

Rifling on the inside of the neck of a beer bottle?  Sure why not…

Miller came out with this new “Vortex” bottle to try and boost sales according to an article at Brandweek.

I have my doubts that it will make Miller Lite taste any better.. but I definitely will buy a 6 pack at least just to try the cool bottles.  “Mission Accomplished” is what Miller’s marketing team would be saying right now if they read this.

If any companies outside of firearm manufacturers want to win my heart, combining something firearm related with your product is a sure bet.

I wish Miller would have played off the gun idea though.. but I guess there are too many negative connotations associated with putting something “rifled” in your mouth, or even the popular term, “to shotgun a beer”.

You can visit the Miller Lite website HERE, although there is surprisingly no information on this new bottle.  Some of the commercials they have online are pretty funny though.


11 responses to “Miller Light Offers Their Beer With A Rifled Neck”

  1. stomp13 Avatar


    Just drink good beer with taste so you have to deal with B.S. like this.

  2. stomp13 Avatar

    AND since we are talking about crappie beer B.S.

    How about Buds tin bottles? Awesome idea!!! “The look and feel of a bottle with the taste of a canned beer”. WTF is that?!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea I like the idea of the metal Budweiser bottles, although I still prefer the taste of other beers.

  3. rusgunnut1 Avatar

    , or rather, Miller acomplished :)

  4. […] It’s not rifled, it’s ribbed for (his/her) pleasure! […]

  5. Gerry N. Avatar

    Miller Lite is beer? When did that happen?

    Gerry N.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea some would classify it as beer :P

  6. After the Washington State legislature decided to raise taxes on “downstream” but not craft or microbrew beers, I am more determined than ever to never drink another mass market beer. This changes absolutely nothing.

    1. TheGunGeek Avatar

      Taxes are more often less about raising money and more about altering behavior. It sounds like you’re making sure the stupid state legislature wins at their attempt to get you to change your behavior.

      Is that what you intended?

      1. Beerian Avatar

        Ha! …awesome point GunGeek!! Long live mass market, “downstream” beers (I love ’em all)

        I will surly die with a Bud bottle in one hand and a Miller Lite in the other, lying atop a bed of Natural Ice and Milwaukee’s Best Ice cans. Ride the seas of fizzy pseudo-pilsner!

  7. Shut up you fucking hillbillies
    Miller Lite is the best beer in the world
    best taste, and least amount of carbs and cals for my fat ass