Guns In The Kyrgyzstan Riot

The Big Picture has an awesome group of photos as usual.  This particular set about the Crisis in Kyrgyzstan.  If you’re as geographically inept as I am, Kyrgyzstan is a country in central Asia, west of China.

Widespread anti-government protests in Kyrgyzstan recently turned violent, with groups of opposition protesters attempting to storm some government buildings, and clashing with riot police. Tensions are high, as Kyrgyz authorities declared a national state of emergency, and are enforcing curfews in at least three cities. As riot police fired on opposition members and protesters fought with stones and captured weapons, estimates of casualties have varied widely, with reports ranging from 12 killed to over 100 killed.

The rifle in the picture above appears to be a Dragunov

Picture #5 – The guy in the middle appears to be shouldering an AK based 12GA such as a Saiga-12 or VEPR-12

Picture #6 – Krinkov (AKS-74U) with EOtech, AK-74 held vertically in background.

Picture #7 – A whole bunch of Krinkovs (AKS-74U)

Picture #10 – AK-74 with a quad rail and UTG rail covers

Picture #15RPG-26

Picture #33 – RPG-26

Better Picture of the RPG-26:

Full Photo Set – HERE

Looks like the protesters are doing plenty of damage, even by just throwing things and lighting fires.


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  1. I just happened to cruise by The Big Picture right after they posted these. Pretty interesting stuff, both for the intended subject matter and the variety of arms as well. I posted the #7 pic with all the Krinkovs on the front line, and a zoom/crop of the “weapons” in use by the line of police directly behind them.

    Did you notice how the “b” team was armed? :)

    I had no idea where this place was, or what all the ruckus was about.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL rocks.. nice! I wonder if those are police issue riot rocks? :P

  2. Halo_Storm Avatar

    Wow, I’ve never seen protesters with tactical guns, atleast tactical accessories on guns.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      My guess is that they rushed the police and stole some of their guns. A lot of the pictures show some of the rioters with police / riot squad equipment.

  3. Steven S. Avatar
    Steven S.

    I was really surprised when I saw the EOtech, I mean really? Using that sight mount and a EOtech on that rifle? How much you wanna bet the EOtech cost more than the rifle itself.

    And according to CNN the protesters toppled the President today, heck if they didn’t I would have to say what the hell? They were doing a lot of damage to the riot police.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Heh yea you gotta love his tactical forward grip on the magazine too! :P

    2. Actually, that Krinkov, in the US would be looking at over 1200 bucks on a lucky day. Also, with AK type weapons the magazine can be used as a forward grip without worry.

  4. The RPG’s in photo #15 and #33 look like RPG 18, the Soviet/Russian version/knock-off of the infamous M72 LAAW. The caption says that it’s a “police RPG” which is kind of interesting…I wasn’t aware they made non-lethal ammunition for 64mm rounds.

    1. At this point, I don’t think the police are bothering with non-lethal ammo.

    2. The way that end has a disc-like thing that is larger than the tube (like on an AT4) makes me think it’s not an RPG 18. You can see in the picture 33 the end is rubber and has cuts scored in it like an AT4. The RPG 18 has (I believe) metal caps on both ends like a LAW.

      If you look up RPG 26, I think that more closely resembles what they’re carrying. It’s a one-piece fiberglass tube with rubber endcaps. There’s a picture on this website that shows a more clear view of the tube.

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        I think you’re right. I saw a couple pictures yesterday of that same guy with the hat from different angles and it does look like an RPG26

      2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        I posted that picture I was talking about that shows the RPG better

  5. What the hell is going on over there? I found picture 14 amusing. There seems to be a kid casually sitting on the steps with his hands in the air enjoying the show.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL at the kid.. I didn’t notice that before.

  6. Is that a UTG railed fore end on the ak in photo 10

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yes, I had written that in the article.

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  8. #5 is a saiga 410 not a saiga 12.