Guns, Drugs, Violence, Foul Language, and Elementary School

Guns, Drugs, Violence, Foul Language, and Elementary School don’t exactly go hand in hand. It’s surprising that the parents of these kids actually thought doing a Scarface play was acceptable:


What’s more disturbing is that the acting actually isn’t bad.  The kids must have watched the actual movie quite carefully in order to research their roles.

Here is the actual end of Scarface for comparison:

Click to view (embedding disabled):

I can’t think of a less kid-friendly movie to make a play about.


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      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks for the link John. Even though it wasn’t done “at” a school I think it’s just as shocking since the kids are so young.

  1. The fact that it was a production with “professional” child actors doesn’t make me question the parenting decisions involved here any less. Actually, parents trying to get their children into show business are probably some of the best examples of terrible parenting choices there are. Has anybody seen “Bruno,” where he’s auditioning child actors and asking their parents if they’re OK to perform all of these crazy stunts and very objectionable acts? I thought it was both hilarious and really sad at the same time! LOL

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      Admin (Mike)

      Bruno was ridiculous! hahah That part you are talking about is pretty crazy. Seems like all those parents were concerned with was making some money off their kid.

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