Mall Cop Fires Shot To Stop Shoplifter

Roanoke, Virginia – A J.C. Penney security guard followed a shoplifting suspect to the mall parking lot and fired a single shot in an effort to stop him. The man was detained until police arrived. (Source)

No word on whether the Segway sustained any damage. :P

A definitely case of Paul Blart Syndrome.

Why the heck does a mall security guard have a gun anyway?  I didn’t think mall security had guns anywhere in the country.  My guess is it was probably his personal weapon which he carried regardless of his employer’s rules.

He likely caused a shitstorm of problems for himself, all because he was too proud to let some scumbag take some insured goods that were not even his.  Was it really worth it?


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  1. Shooting fleeing criminals? Even Sanda Day O’Connor thought that was OK.

  2. Wait a minute here! Are you telling me that mall cops aren’t highly trained security specialists?

    What do you want to bet that, at some point, this guy was not accepted into the military, or failed basic training; and/or has applied, and been turned down several times, to be a police officer? I would be willing to bet that his employer wasn’t aware he was carrying a gun at work, or he’d have been fired before this ever happened.

    1. Josh hit it on the head…….. I live in a small town with a small mall. I know a gal in retail there who has a ton of stories about the “mall cop”. In her words, “this guy is frighteningly scary in how seriously he takes his job”

      As far as the guy in the post….If he was built anything like Paul Blart, Im sure running after the suspect was out of the question, hence taking aim.

  3. Jeremiah Avatar

    Security supervisor for 7+ years, USMC 6 years. Lethal force is NEVER used for theft (unless we’re talking about security of nuclear fuel / weapons, at ammo dumps, etc). I am 100% for the Second Amendment and widespread firearms possession, but also 100% for punishing improper use of firearms — this is in that category. If it was his personal weapon, he is in mucho trouble…

  4. Jeremiah Avatar

    And yes, the low-end security business is a “fog a mirror” industry re: hiring practices. Basically, if you’re not a felon or have a violent misdemeanor (DV, etc), don’t mind the crappy hours, and are willing to work for just above minimum wage, you’re hired.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That’s what I hear :( And some wonder why people feel a need to protect themselves. :roll:

  5. Sounds like someone was reading too many Mall Ninja stories.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL what a great bit of internet nostalgia. I remember laughing my ass off at that while reading it many years ago.