K-9 Protection – Dog Wearing Galco Ankle Holster

I’m not good with naming breeds of small dogs, but I do know that she appears to be packing a full size Springfield XD(m) in a Galco Ankle Glove .  I could be wrong about the gun though, because it doesn’t appear Galco makes an ankle glove specifically for the XD(m)… not to say that the 3″ XD 9/40 one wouldn’t work.

Unfortunately Galco hasn’t caught on yet and mentioned this in the “Canine Products” section of their website. :P

UPDATE: Anonymous and Paladin from the comments say the dog is a Miniture Pinscher.  Thanks guys.

UPDATE 2: Jesse informed me in the comments, that the gun is a Walther PPS


11 responses to “K-9 Protection – Dog Wearing Galco Ankle Holster”

  1. That looks to be a Miniature Pinscher. :)

    1. glock man Avatar
      glock man

      that poor dog..looks ill…looks malnurished..that is neglect and the owner should be reported..

      1. glock man Avatar
        glock man

        also…pretty sad how everyone is paying more attention to the gun rather than the sick dog…F’d up

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        damn really? I thought that dog was one of those little skinny purse dogs and supposed to look like that.

  2. Yeah.. its a Min Pin, all right. If dogs are gonna start packing heat, I’m gonna find another way to make a living :)

  3. Admin (Mike) Avatar
    Admin (Mike)

    Thanks guys, ill update the post

  4. That is freaking insane!

  5. J.S.Bridges Avatar

    Looks more like some kind of Glock – though I’m no expert; not a Glock fan, never was, never likely to be…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Awesome, thanks Jesse.. I updated the post

  6. I was going to say, looks exactly like the PPS in my holster right now. Great gun, btw.