Doonesbury Anti Gun Starbucks Comic – Day 3

Garry Trudeau has now dedicated 3 days worth of comics to the stale Starbucks open carry topic:

Here is today’s:

Doonesbury Source – HERE

Out of the 7 sentences the characters say in this comic, 5 of them on there own are a mix of being either insulting to gun owners, or flat out anti-gun.   Nice… :roll:

My previous post on the last two comics – HERE

How much longer will this go on?


14 responses to “Doonesbury Anti Gun Starbucks Comic – Day 3”

  1. Wow, how unoriginal… that guy can’t even come up with anything remotely surprising.

    1. Hey, it’s either this or make fun of Rush, Sarah, or Glenn Beck. With “his” party in power, he can’t bring himself to make fun of the actual administration.

      Which is odd, in a way, because Trudeau skewered Clinton- well, mildly- over the Monica thing, although he spent much more time making fun of Starr, etc.

      But as I said below, it’s been interesting to watch him try to maintain some shred of relevance. He used to give Clinton a good zinger every now and again, for which I have to give him credit. Though really, now that I think about it, it was undoubtedly because Trudeau saw Clinton as a moderate, or even a moderate-right; in other words, Clinton wasn’t lefty *enough* for Gary.

      But Obama’s different- the most leftist President we’ve had in two generations, bordering on a textbook socialist. Finally somebody Trudeau agrees with and can look up to, and he can’t bring himself to satirize him- or even anyone in the administration, which would, in his mind, still be an indirect insult to the President.

      So it’s been fun to watch DB dance around the subject. Anyone remember the common bit during the Bush administration, where the DB characters browse a gallery of framed Bush quotes? Despite the fact we’ve heard Obama say there’s 57 states, or that we’ll see a 3000% reduction in fees, we’ll never see those in a gallery.

      Or the aforementioned icon. I’d give Gary *major* props if he just had the testicular fortitude to use a teleprompter as Obama’s icon.


      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        I’d give Gary *major* props if he just had the testicular fortitude to use a teleprompter as Obama’s icon.

        LOL yea that would be awesome. He probably get blacklisted from all the papers by Obama if he did that though :P

  2. That was really lame. To bad he didn’t insult Muslims or something so they could Jihad his a**.

  3. […] The real story here is that someone still reads Doonesbury. […]

  4. Yup, the same bitter Trudeau that hasn’t been funny since Bloom County.

    But I have to ask, why do you keep giving this goof face time on your site?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Gotta keep the people informed about both pro-gun and anti-gun news. That way we can jump on the anti-gun gunners, and call them out on their lame tactics

      1. Touche, well said and all that rot.

  5. Kim du Toit Avatar
    Kim du Toit

    What amazes me is that anyone still reads Doonesbury. I thought the guy had quit back in 1999…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I suppose a lot of people still read newspapers where there is a comics section. I quit reading the news paper a long time ago when it was all available for free online.

  6. “My God! Look at all that ugly hardware!”

    “Yes, Ma’am, but they make us serve you no matter how many disfiguring prosthetic devices you’re wearing.”

    “I’m not wearing any!”

    “Oh, gee…awkward. Well, I guess old, ugly, hoplophobic bigots need coffee too.”

    “So much for the mellow Starbucks vibe.”

    “Yes…would you please order so you can get going? You’re disturbing the other customers.”

    “Aren’t you freaked to be working here?”

    “Freaked? By what? A half-dozen law-abiding citizens openly wearing legal firearms that haven’t done a darned thing to upset or disturb me? Or by the panicky, paranoid, totalitarian ozone-sniffers who keep coming in and spoiling for a fight? Frankly, I’m glad the gunowners are here.”

    “Really? I’m impressed.”

    “Yeah, they can protect me from you radicals. Didn’t I see you and your radio-host buddy getting hauled away on TV once by some UN Peacekeepers?”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL awesome work Sio!

  7. Doonesbury is still being written? Bring back Bloom County!

  8. Crotalus Avatar

    Well, what did we expect? Garry Trudeau is a communi…er, *ahem* “enlightened” cartoonist thru & thru. I have no use for the “man”.