NRA gun instructor shoots student by accident

The bullet went through a table before it hit Frauman, said Kristy-Lee Lawley, the church’s communications director. She said Frauman, a member of the church, was “recovering well” and the bullet didn’t break any bones.

The NRA has a rule against bringing ammunition into a class, said Tom Wagner, a NRA instructor in Orlando who was not involved in Saturday’s shooting. He said the association has “no problem yanking a certification if the rules are being broken.

I’m glad to hear that guy will no longer be instructing.  There is no room for error when it comes to safety with firearms.

Once again… If the four BASIC rules of gun safety mentioned in my previous post would have been followed, this would never have happened.

Full story at Orlando Sentinel – HERE

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If there is one person that cringes every time an incident like this surfaces in the news it would definitely be Lee Paige.  Paige was making a “drug education presentation” in April 2004 to a group of kids in Florida when he put a round from his .40 caliber Glock through his foot (or leg according to different press coverage).

“I’m the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this Glock .40”

Those words, and the couple of seconds following them, will live forever on the internet.

Check out the video below:


I don’t agree with incidents like these being called “Accidental discharges” (AD).  When it is human error that causes them the correct term is “Negligent Discharge” (ND).

Too bad there wasn’t a video of the NRA instructor shooting the student.  That way he could try and sue the NRA for embarrassing him :roll: like Lee Paige tried on the DEA.


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  1. Ah Mike,
    It’s stories like this one that sets us back 10 years isn’t it? Nevermind that there are rules in place to prevent it (both Cooper’s and the additional NRA safety precaution of no ammo in classrooms). Nevermind this was neglect by one man to follow those rules. The Anti’s like Brady and Bloomberg will make this out to be “proof in the pudding” that guns should be banned because even if a trained instructor can do it….

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good point Patrick. The Brady campaign uses anything they can get their hands on to use against us.

      I just hope the common sense of the American people will prevail and realize that there are millions of things in this world that can kill you if used carelessly.

      Guns are such an easy one to pick on.

  2. Aye, it is something I am thinking of for an article. If we treated cars like we do firearms, something which is a privilege and not a right.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You might have already seen my previous post . If not it might give you some more ideas for your article.

  3. Agreed, they’re not accidental in the least. I remember back in ’04 while I was in Afghanistan there was a big deal about referring to them as Negligent Discharges and not Accidental. Some people were upset (namely those who were charged with the offense), and quickly reminded that they aren’t “accidents,” they are your dumb-ass fault.

  4. When I was a soldier in the NZ army we called them UD’s (unauthorised discharge) and if you did one, even if you were pointing down a clear range, you were garunteed being put on a charge and would be wearing the wrong side of the duty staff sergents combat boots for the better part of a week if not a lot worse. No excuse under any circumstances.

  5. I had read that one when you posted it. You are RSSed in my reader :)

    It was a good article.

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