Oakland AC Transit Bus Incident

I am posting about this because it is self defense related.  Oakland California February 15, 2010 – 67 year old Thomas Bruso did everything possible to avoid confrontation, but still ended up having to take care of business because a guy just wouldn’t leave him alone.

The incident:


After, out on the street:


Clearly Bruso is all jacked up on adrenaline in the 2nd video.

Here is an interview with him on an Oakland news station KRON4 where he explains what happened:

Pretty spry for a 67 year old.   Good to see seniors not putting up with crap like that.

From what Bruso said in the interview, he very well might carry a pistol on him at all times.  If he had it on him during this incident, he definitely exercised good judgment in not using it.

His message at the end of the video: “Don’t F**K with old senior citizens, they will surprise you once and a while.”

I offer the following picture of justice, for your enjoyment:

More info about the incident at Wikipedia along with links to articles at the bottom.

UPDATE: Ram Jam – Black Betty

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WHoooooaaaahhh Black Betty Ambalamps
WHoooooaaaahhh Black Betty Ambalamps



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    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe check the update song vid I just posted :P


  3. The Genius Avatar

    Snaggletoof be da Gubment, and Bruso is “We The People”

    Those pathetic cowards…..I believe the women filming said “Beat his ass, whip his white ass! “or something to that affect, yet when his ass was getting stomped like a mudhole, the sart cying “What the FUCk!?”

    WTF?! is right you ignorant oxygen thieves! Then at the end a passenger says about Bruso “That man was on some kind of dope”

    Sure, sure a man that defends him self from a common thug is a criminal……but in their world that has always been the case.

    Also, the blood donor at the end says that hes’s gonna “Kill dat Nigga”, referring to Bruso…..how convenient a defense when he shows up in Bruso’s personal space again and Bruso decapitates him………by hand.

    BRUSO for President…someone with testicular fortitude and and true guns.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Right on Genius!

  4. I spent a summer in Texas when I was 14 … worked with a 25 year old ranch hand and ran to town everyday, never met an old guy I wasn’t respectful to … I learned pretty quick that the old farts didn’t take no bullshit and had guns. Kill you for calling them slow or taking their spot in line. Since then, I’ve shown respect to older generations … like this guy that’s walked over, just a bum, but fought in Vietnam and did time for mistakes.

    He’s no “hero”, like he said himself, just a senior citizen standing up for himself.

    I also STRONGLY disagree with a few people I’ve heard that think “oh, he could have had a CCW”. The guy’s a FELON, not allowed to own guns and there’s no way around it. If he does have a weapon, it was somehow gotten illegally and makes this guy no better than the one he beat down.

    Moral and ethics come into play, but it’s a very very thin line …

    1. PS: I do enjoy the video and the guy’s reaction, seems like an ordinary guy that wasn’t taking anyone’s shit.

  5. Josh the Vet Avatar
    Josh the Vet

    @Josh G- I don’t see any exceptions made in the Second Amendent that say people who’ve been convicted of a particular class of crime are debarred the use of arms. “the People” means all the people.

  6. Came across this same video on antoher web site, and about laughted my butt off. This is why you don’t mess with old folks who have fought in wars. They tend to mean what they say,say what they mean,and will kick your butt if provoked. As this young punk found out.

  7. I think the best part about this is the shirt that Bruso is wearing: “I am a motherf—-er”. Pause the video at 2:02.
    Great video.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL awesome… good catch.

  8. Outstanding! The shirt Bruso was wearing should have been an indicator to leave him alone. Ignorant punk got his.

  9. The Genius Avatar

    As to the felons not being able to own a firearm…that is incorrect…..obviously federal and state laws prohibit ownership, but there are judicial and executive avenues of relief which allow a person to regain the right to own a firearm and in some cases still have the felony conviction. I’m certainly not suggesting that it’s cheap and easy to reagain the right to possess a firearm, but it is possible and we don’t know whether this guy has the legal right to do so or not, or even if he possess a firearm concealed or otherwise. Looks like his guns were his biceps and fists on this day.

    1. One of the news articles I came across online indicated that both men were taken to the hospital, and it was reported that Mr. Bruso was off his medication at the time of this incident. There’s also a video online of him antagonizing police officers and being arrested for disorderly conduct at a baseball game after bringing liquor in and being asked to leave by security.

      I sincerely hope that the relief for felons that are banned from possessing weapons isn’t available to those with very apparent mental problems like this guy. I don’t feel sorry for the younger man in the least (I read somewhere that he’s 50 years old, by the way), but this old man doesn’t appear to be playing with a full deck. He was antagonizing the other guy at least as much. I think the real justice here would have been if they both beat each other equally senseless, or just knocked each other out!


  10. Antibubba Avatar

    Thomas Bruso moves to the front of the bus, away from his assailant, then tells him “I’ll slap the shit out of you!”, which is what prompted his assailant to come to the front.

    Bruso may have had every right to defend himself, but he certainly didn’t do “everything possible to avoid confrontation”.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You’re right, Bruso did say that, and then the fight started. Seems like he just got sick and tired of that guy antagonizing him. Also, he was probably quite confident he could whoop that guys ass.

    2. Moving to the front of the bus and being silent is as likely to attract more attention for a guy like that. The wannabe gangsters get cocky when you do that.

      Also, words. He could have called him a chicken fucker, it doenst matter, doesnt justify his violence.

      Being atttacked like Bruso was does.

  11. Did no one notice the sign on the seat at the bus stop at the very end of the video? “Please Keep Our City Clean / Do Your Part” He did. :)

  12. FIRST OF ALL. . . do not comment regarding safety issues and s**t if you not from Oakland because you apparently do not know what is actually going on in the everyday life of an Oaklander because you do not live there! I am from Deep East Oakland bORDER line to San Leandro and I attended the public school system’s and I saw worser s#*t happen to people. If one is not strapped or packing ( meaning have some type of weapon on them) to defend their self they will end up dead for witnessing their own assault, beat up badly to the point where you can not remember nothing, and/or being targeted and punked. It is essential at times to carry weapons because I myself have been jumped inside my own school by outsiders that were not even people from my school and were around the same age as me. They saw me & my boyfriend and thought we were not going to fight back just because i was female and they were 3 guys. Life is rough in the streets and we can not judge people by their skin color to whether they are criminals or not. I’ve had about 13 of my childhood friends pass away and killed. I am 18-years old now and growing up in Oakland has been a blessing for me because I have experienced the REAL world. I have learned to survive in the streets even if it is just walking to the corner store. Anything can happen at any time in Oakland no matter if you are in a highly patrolled area something can happen. One must never have their guards down in Oakland. If you are not from Oakland be smart and stay away from areas a normal tourist would not go to unless accompanied by someone who is familiar and from the area. Oakland has a lot of great places to go to and violence can be avoided. Use this example of this fight on public transportation as a little glimpse of what goes on in a daily Oaklander’s life that spends most of their traveling on public transportation.


  13. tailypoe Avatar

    classic beatdown.
    gotta hate the fucking racist t.v.-head black ppl who think we’re still rioting over mlk.jr. really ? This is what happens when everything is politically correct, you politicize normal human activity and subject it to paranoia.
    … that guy was obviously not a fighter, just goes to show you how cheap being “gangsta ” comes these days. gun control was invented to control black slaves, i think firearms could bring black and white communities together.

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