Thoughts on the S&W bodyguard series

Released at SHOT show this year, two new guns in the S&W bodyguard series, a .380 pistol and a .38 revolver.

They are kept lightweight through the use of aluminum and polymer and steel.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Very nice commercial.. really highlights the guns and the lasers well.

There is a flash of the girl’s face at 1:00 where she looks a bit too happy for someone that could have been stabbed.  Maybe she realized that she had the upper hand :P

Some thoughts:

  • The integration of the laser into the frames (although real well done in this case), is not my preference.  I’d rather see it as an option.
  • Red lasers are so last year! … Don’t they know that green is the new red? Better visibility, greater brightness, and better range with the green.
  • Ambidextrous cylinder release on revolver is a great idea
  • I don’t like the external non-ambidextrous thumb safety on the pistol.  I prefer safeties you don’t have to remember to disengage (ie. like the internal safeties on Glock pistols).

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11 responses to “Thoughts on the S&W bodyguard series”

  1. I don’t mind the red (although I agree with ya…red is last year) but what gets me is why make a self defense handgun in 380? I know shot placement and all that…and yeah I know 22’s kill big guys too but still? The specs on this make it just a tad smaller than a Glock 26 with much less power. Lets not even start talking about the other baby Glocks that are in the 40 and 45 cal range.

    S&W has turned around their image but this might be a mis-step. Could it be to try and beat Ruger in the sub-gun market?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree.. plus, the capacity in the G26 is 10+1 and the S&W .380 is a lame 6+1

      1. I hate to interrupt this little Glock lovefest going on (actually that’s not true, I absolutely don’t mind interrupting it!). I’d just like to point out that James Bond’s famous Walther PPK was, in the book a .32, in the movies maybe a .380 (mag capacity is the same for PPK and this gun), and he killed plenty of people with that. Plus, as you can see from the video, this little gun would look alright in Commander Bond’s hands; a Glock is far too repulsive.

        On a more serious note though, the a couple of key dimensions are these:

        Empty weight:
        Glock: 19.75 oz
        S&W: 11.85 oz, 40% lighter
        Glock: 6.3 inches
        S&W: 5.5 inches, 13% shorter

        Of course no gun is perfect for every person or for every situation. But, in a situation where you need a gun, any gun is better than no gun! I would think, for the person who wants a real small, lightweight gun this S&W offers clear size and weight advantages over the Glock. Not to mention that some people aren’t comfortable with the Glock’s “safety.”

        1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          Blasphemy! :D

  2. When Optimus Prime tells you to buy a pistol, you buy a pistol.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Did S&W find the AllSpark? :P

  3. DocScience Avatar

    Denny Crane knows how to handle himself in a parking deck.

    Shouldn’t Shatner be doing these ad’s?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree, Shatner would have been awesome.

  4. Edd robbins Avatar
    Edd robbins

    You guys got very good points, except for the first post. How much range do u need with a ccw? Nothing past 15 feet, so why would worry about range.

    1. I think that poster was referring to the range of calibers around .40 and .45 (i.e., calibers that are approximately the same size and/or power, etc.), not “range” meaning distance to target.

  5. bikeman Avatar

    While I agree that I want a .45 in my daily carry and self-defense piece, some people of smaller stature may have issues controlling a .45 or .40. I have had numerous discussions with my parents, and my mother prefers a revolver over a semi-auto, even with the advantages that a semi-auto has over a revolver.

    One of the important factors in self defense is the fact that the person pulling the trigger may be under severe stress, a large round may cause more kick or flash than they are expecting, even if they have trained with it. If someone is going to have to use a weapon they need to be comfortable with it, and quickly able to administer follow-up shots in a severe situation.