Rifle Cartridge Comparison

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Quite the collection.


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  1. I own some number of those! Most of what I’ve got are in the varying .30 battle rifle items.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Cool. I need to start putting a round away of every new caliber I shoot.

    2. Hey guys…I have one for ya…check out this cartridge…I cant tell if its am experimental or a blank or a flachette…please help.

    3. Sorry…I cant post pics…ugh

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  3. Dave Crapps Avatar
    Dave Crapps

    OK, I’ve had several answers to this question and I’ve tried to research t but can anyone tell me if there is a physical difference between the 308 cartridge and a 7.62X51 cartridge?

    1. Yes, the differences are very minor (some as little as 0.002 inches) but they are not identical as some would believe. The Neck of a 7.62×51 is 0.345 vs the .308s 0.3433, this is similar in the Shoulder (0.454 vs 0.453) also the .308 in total length is about 1.5mm longer. Also the NATO round uses thicker brass in the bullet. Long story short, you may be able to get away with shooting either ammo in either gun, but it is not the safest idea. You can find a good article from a person who shot under this assumption and put the research into figuring out why his gun wouldn’t cycle properly here: http://www.303british.com/id36.html

      1. Dave Crapps Avatar
        Dave Crapps

        Thanks very much. I have a friend who had said that a book he of cartridges would show me the specs but you got me the answer first and verified what he had told me. He now has this info too. Thanks again.

  4. Is this image available as a printed poster?

  5. Thanks that really helped!!

  6. will any .300 ammo fit in a 7.35 cal. gun?

  7. I have been reloading pistol ammo for a year now just recieved a mosin nagant rifle from my brother. I slugged the barrel and came up with .312″ so I decided to use the sierra 180g. 303 bullets. They measure at .311″ which should be ideal. I’ve already shot the rifle with the privi partizan bullets he gave me with the rifle and it shoots good, and cycles smooth. Here is my problem. When I chamber a dummy round I made with the privi partizan brass I resized it seems to have more resistance than the factory ammo. I dont have any problem chambering it, but wonder if this is normal due to going to a larger diameter bullet than the factory ammo? Any insight to this? Will the gun blow up? THanks.

    1. The Mosin Nagant is damn durable. It will be fine, but you should only shoot rounds it was chambered for.

  8. Henry rayburn Avatar
    Henry rayburn

    I have two 7.62x54r rifles and am wondering if there is another round that is comparable to this one