The Making of the Military’s Standard Arms, Part II

Full auto shenanigans:

Want to see the hanguards on a M4 melt and start on fire?

Want to see the barrel on a M4 droop and then explode?

Those guys are having way too much fun at work

The M-4 carbine, one of the primary rifles used by the United States military, appears destined for a change. After concerns surfaced about rifles overheating in a sustained firefight in 2008 in Afghanistan, the manufacturer and the United States Army are close to agreeing on a modification to the weapon’s barrel that makes the carbine more resistant to the stresses of extended firing.

Full Article at the New York Times website – HERE

This is a continuation of my blog post on New York Times on the Making of the Military’s Standard Arms


One response to “The Making of the Military’s Standard Arms, Part II”

  1. If you watch the first video the rifle fires at 2:38 but the operators hand is no where in the frame. This is even after he drops the mag and pulls the charging handle once. It looks like it should be clear but then it clearly fires a round and you can even ejects the casing. What could cause something like this?