Guns, Elvis, and Nixon

December 21, 1972

In a five page letter to President Richard Nixon written while traveling on a plane to Washington, Elvis explains he loves his country and wants to give something back and, not being “a member of the Establishment,” believes he could reach some people the president can’t if the president would only make him a federal agent at-large so he can help fight the war on drugs.

President Nixon and Elvis Presley shaking hands in the Oval Office

(Oliver F. Atkins / White House / The National Archives / EPA / December 21, 1970)

Then it’s time for gifts. Elvis pulls out the commemorative Colt 45 he had taken from his wall and carried into the White House, to the dismay of the Secret Service. (“We’ve got a little problem here; Elvis has brought a gun.”) He presents it to Nixon.

The commemorative gun is on display at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California.

Makes me wonder what would happen if someone high profile like Jay-Z or Kanye showed up at the oval office with a commemorative gun for Obama :lol:

Read the full article over at the L.A. Times – HERE

I definitely recommend reading the full article.  It has a couple other gun related anecdotes.


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