INTERPOL World Government on the horizon?

That screenshot is straight off the white house website – HERE

Explanation of it all at BarkingMoonBat – HERE

Pretty scary stuff…

Hat Tip: Cmblake6


3 responses to “INTERPOL World Government on the horizon?”

  1. Hey, thanks for the linkback! My post on this was trying to see the other side … if there was another side. There isn’t. You don’t give cops diplomatic immunity: that’s the recipe for jackbooted thuggery. Always. Obama has sold us out to the foreigners. It’s treason. First we get the World Police, next we’ll rejoin the ICC, and after that comes Bush & Cheny on trial for war crimes while all us right wing bloggers are marched off to Camp Ayers for re-education and evaporation.

    WND has a good synopsis article here and others are starting to come out.

    Just as disquieting for me is finding out that INTERPOL was run by nazis – REAL NAZIS – until the mid 1970s. Horry clap. Who runs them these days, the Stasi? The KGB? Scary.

    Oh, and GUESS WHO will be enforcing the Cap & Trade rules when they pass? Hey, you got it in one! INTERPOL!

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      Admin (Mike)

      Very interesting links. You did a great job of compiling and interpreting the info in your blog post!

  2. I thought Drew kicked butt. His treatment was indeed superb.