Bushmaster ACR Photos


I don’t like how it doesn’t appear to be as customizable as the AR-15.  The entire lower is molded, so you can forget about changing out the grip or trigger guard.  The stock can be changed, but it appears complicated, which will no doubt add to the cost of any aftermarket versions that will come out.

Looks like with this gun you can forget the days of buying a stripped upper, lower, barrel, parts kit etc.. and assembling your own.

I still am not quite sold on the whole piston driven system either.

Check out TheFirearmBlog for the whole set.


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  1. The whole beauty of this rifle is there will be no need for additional caliber specific uppers just a drop in bolt, and a new AR barrel. I wish it was a little more modular too, but I think to say it is not as modular as the AR is to ignore some serious differences in capability and design.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree it’s neat that you can just swap barrels and bolts. You are still limited to the few rounds (5.56, 7.62, 6.5, 6.8) which are roughly all the same length because of the fixed size magwell design.

      I also can’t see this being hugely popular among consumers considering its pricing is rumored to start at $1700. In addition, since all the extra bolts and barrels are proprietary I’d be willing to bet they will be VERY expensive too.

  2. First choice of MW2 players and mall ninjas everywhere!

    If the Army were to pick it up, then misguided soldiers wouldn’t be able to take off the pistol grip and stock, lose the springs inside, then come to me and cry about their rifle now working right. :)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hahah. Soldiers try and swap grips out? I always figured they weren’t allowed to use not issued parts. Or is what they are allowed to do, and what they are caught doing a whole other thing. :P

  3. mason Avatar

    some people think the magpul masada and the acr r the same thing but they arent

  4. You will also be able to swap out the lower reciever on the ACR with one with a bigger magwell, so you can fire larger round like the m14 762×51. If you look on youtube you can find Magpul testing the ACR with the 762×51 round. You can’t do that with a AR15.