Unique AK magazines

I was looking at the ever popular AK Type Magazine Identification Chart that I posted back in October and thought:

There are a couple of very unique mags on there, I wonder if I can find actual pictures of them in use?

So after scraping the internet I came up with the following pictures of the two most unique mags out of the bunch.  Can you imagine how much either one of these would weigh fully loaded?

100 Round Double Stack Magazine



5.56x45mm judging by the fact its a bit longer then the previous example, and has a clear 5.56mm 30 rounder above it

60 Round Quad-Stack Magazine




Patent diagram of internal operation
Patent diagram of internal operation

These magazines both must be VERY rare, because there sure isn’t very much information on them, or pictures of them.


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  1. B Woodman Avatar

    . . . . or are you just happy to see me?

  2. Bryan Spiegel Avatar
    Bryan Spiegel

    The first 100rd dbl stack was from Cheaper than dirt. If memory stands correct, they were cheaply built as a display novelty, and would split if filled.

    1. Eric Peltier Avatar
      Eric Peltier

      I am not saying that you are no right about a Cheaper Than Dirt knock-off or novelty version of the 100 rd mag because they have offered various junk over the years. However there really is a military version of that 100 rd magazine. This mag was originally intended for the 7.62X39 MM RPK but instead was reconsidered and eventually made for the AKMS. This magazine is officially referred to as the Soviet Type 7 magazine and as far as the 2 halves thing goes there is some truth to it but not as they usually expect, the halves do not come apart, they are just manufactured in halves and then spot welded together. These mags were never issued on a widespread basis, they were only issued to airborne troops on a very limited basis, mainly to Spetsnaz troops. I have personally encountered only 1 of these magazines on my deployment to Afghanistan which was most likely a captured weapon from the prior Soviet invasion. I tried to bring the magazine home with me, my CO informed me that I could try but he didn’t think that it would make it past customs because of a Assault Rifle ban at the time. Needless to say customs didn’t let me bring it home. FYI there is also a small mention of this mag in the book Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations by Joe Poyer, the 3rd edition on page 48.

      So basically CTD might have offered a novelty version but there is most definitely a true military version of it that was issued to elite airborne troops on a limited basis. Now on side note, as a former member of the 82nd Airborne I could not imagine jumping with such a big and bulky item but then again the Soviets were known for some strange ideas that sounded good in theory until they were actually produced.

  3. I’d say that 100 round black bannana would be well impractical for war, look’s too weak, like it would bend around the mag housing. Cool for a one man army though. Could kill many hogs. That quad stack mag is awesome. Should be made military mainstream with a bullet’o’meter. I can’t see how the rounds at the top are staying in formation?? Any ideas?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I think the main issue with those is weight and size. The magazine itself would not be too light even when it is empty, plus once you fill that with 100 rounds of 7.62 that is a LOT of weight.

      It would probably be interesting to shoot with on full auto because you would be lightening the load with every shot. It would probably require a lot of compensation to make sure your muzzle isn’t rising too high after squeezing off a number of rounds in rapid succession.

  4. Just had a brainwave. I can see it now. Cool!

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  8. Max, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. :D

  9. Malikyte Avatar

    By the way… neither of the mags in the picture with the folding stock AK (Yugo M70AB) are 5.56x45mm. The 100-rounder isn’t longer than the top example, it’s just not in the magwell all the way. The clear mag also does not appear to be a 5.56mm either because of the degree of curve in the mag itself.

  10. Sh*t…! I’ve never seen such a thing!
    still 7.62? no 5.56 new?

  11. correction:

    I didn’t read. there’s 5.56

    1. barry whippa Avatar
      barry whippa


  12. Anonymous Coward Avatar
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like chauchat moved on to new frontiers sand made their own version if an AK.

  13. How long does it take to load a hundred round Mag?

  14. Hey I have one I love it gave to get an extra if u know what I mean