Colt Umarex AR-15 .22LR – Gunbroker Saga

In the AR-15 toilet plunger post on November 17th one Rick informed me in the comments that the picture originated on Gunbroker, where the disgruntled store owner of “Cedar Valley Outfitters” wanted to get rid of these guns at any price because he considered them crap.

These are the four seperate auctions with a copy of the picture and description in each… pretty funny stuff:

Colt Umarex Ar-15 ar 15 .22lr M4 toilet plunger


HEEEEYYYYY…it only took two days after my first listing to have more customers return some of these fine plungers. This is a Colt licensed product, made by Walther, imported by Umarex. We are representing this as a plunger…nothing else. We are not advertising it as a firing, cycling, extracting or feeding rifle. This is to be added to the THOUSANDS of dollars I lost with these POS rifles. Buyer beware! Buyer stay away!Buyer go to the range with a sling shot instead!! Buyer go to Vegas…there is better odds there. No extra credit card charges. No shipping charges to lower 47 states. No California sales. Not allowed anywhere where plungers are not legal. Do not attempt to attach to your face like Ace Ventura…….good luck and BUYER BEWARE. This serial numbered Colt product will ship with box, manual, one magazine and a plunger head to attempt to make this useful for something. (Winning Bid – $380)

Colt Umarex M4 Carbine 22 L.R. 22LR Paperweight


This is a Colt marked, licensed product. I am representing this as a paperweight only. This a non reliable functioning legal firearm. We are selling under the pretense that you clearly understand these are trash. We have several versions for sale. This is a flat top, removable Carry handle version of the Colt paperweight, featuring two useless 30 round magazines to not feed any ammo reliably into this collapsable stocked PAPERWEIGHT. No shipping charges to lower 47 states. No sales to California. No extra fees for credit card. As you can tell we have no love for these .22lr rifles. It’s a shame Colt even lets their name be put on these. Good Luck. Have fun and buy better paperweights!!!!!! (Winning Bid – $355)

Colt Umarex M4 Carbine 22 L.R. 22LR Poop Scooper


This a pretty darn good poop scooper. Or it would be a great down rigger for holding a Bluegill under in a good current while flathead fishing. It functions a little better than a “Rubber Ducky” as a training tool but barely. It has a laser, a forward grip, quad rail, two mags, a Colt logo on the side…but don’t hold your breathe…it doesn’t work like a Colt…they just get paid for the name. Is unreliable. Unworthy. And priced a 1 penny….free shipping to lower 47 states. No credit card charges. No hope. No love. Good Luck. Clearly stating…NO returns, buyer beware, buyer get a real gun instead, buyer go fishing. Check out our other fine selection of Umarex guns returned to by people who were dumb enough to think they could spend their hard earned money on a Colt gun and have it work. Silly hard working Americans. We gladly refunded their money so we could lose hundreds and hundreds dollars. Thanks Colt. (Winning Big – $421)

Colt Umarex M4 .22lr AR-15 ar15 Drain Marker Only


Hey Folks!!! I’m sorry we went almost 24 hours with out posting another one of these on Gunbroker. This is a drain marker, fence post, cat scratcher, or poorly designed pogo stick. It is not however, a firing, extracting, feeding or functioning fire arm. It will ship with two things that resemble magazines…..but we thought magazines fed ammo into rifles…silly us. It has a box, manual, two mags, quad rail, covers and detachable rear sight. The silly customer we sold this COLT to even put on a Hogue grip on it to help insert the fencepost in the ground. Shipping is free….why not? We already lost 2500 dollars selling these…..and then giving everyone their money back. We are telling you clearly…no refunds, no returns…this is a piece of cowdung. No credit card fees. Good Luck and buy another gun instead. Any dealer who says these work I would question their ethics!!!!!!! (Winning Bid – $401)

As you can tell this guy is NOT a fan of the Umarex Colt 22LR!  Elsewhere on gunbroker they seem to be going for around $550, so the people that won his auctions got a pretty good deal ( or are completely stupid for buying such junk if you ask him :P )If these guns are really as bad as he says they are, I wonder why Colt would want to have their name associated with them?

Thanks again for the story Rick.


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  1. Also, on one of his auctions the seller stated that whatever he sells the rifle for, the proceedings would be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project (, which is at least a happy ending to this story :)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Wounded Warrior Project is such a great organization

  2. Tango Down Avatar

    Well, apparently he go ahold of one the rare first run versions that had some bugs in the system. Either that or he’s just a fan of that even worse S&W MP15-22. *LOL* This weapon could NOT be any worse than the GSG-9 rifles that NEVER seem to function properly or even when you’d like for them too. *S* Or maybe the owner is a fan of the even worse S&W MP15-22 “rifle”! *LOL*

    Either way, he definitely has some issue with the Colt M4 rifle. :)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea. I’ll stick with my AR15 22LR conversion kit and have the best of both worlds.

  3. Wow! This is inspiring. Let me tell you why…

    I have an Umarex Walther P88 Blank Firing Gun. I got it 3 days ago. It looked great on the first sight but the gun came into contact with rubbing alcohol and now it’s paint is ruined, resembling something from WW I which rested underground until 3 days before. Such a fragile finish for a firearm. I will admit that I was stupid enough to pay a fistful of money for this, so now I have to go through the painful feelings of wasting your heard earned cash on a useless thing that was not well built. And the saddest thing is I was warned about Umarex’s bad quality but I ignored my friends words. Toilet plunger? Yes! Hope it will not freak out my girlfriend… Thanks for the inspiration. :)))

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Brutal :( Yea I hear blank firing guns are very overpriced. That sucks that the quality is so bad.

  4. cedar valley outfitters a bunch of wankers 3000 rounds out of mine no jams…….says it all really

  5. Mine works perfect and is very accurate.. Can be adjusted to use subsonic ammo. It works better than most “real” ar’s that I see. My 20 and 30 round mags also have never malfunctioned.

  6. I fired @ 1200 Rds thru my HK416D.22LR & had no misfires or problems using those cheep dirty Remington .22,s. It looks great, shoots great & with the four rail setup, I can place a lot of additional toys on it. Also never had a mental problem that the outer barrel is phony & the real barrel is inside of the outer barrel. My opinion, it,s a great tactical .22 & well made & designed.

  7. I got a colt umarex SAA peacemaker .45 look alike in a .177 bb. Got it at big 5 for about $150. Lasted 4 months, beat the warranty by 30 days. Lucky me!