Putin and Guns – this is how Putin rolls

He’s Putin, and he wears his hearing protection however he feels like:


The gun he is pictured above appears to be a Makarov PM variation which is chambered in 9x18mm – wiki page


Another picture from the same range visit:


The above gun is a Stechkin APS – wiki page


Putin has become known as a real outdoors man in recent years, and is often pictured fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and also handling guns at various events such as this:

The Russian hardman took advantage of a tour of the Construction Design Bureau in Tula earlier this week to handle some of the merchandise on display – namely, several very menacing-looking guns. – LINK



5 responses to “Putin and Guns – this is how Putin rolls”

  1. What’s he doing wrong in almost every picture? Oh yes, his finger is in the trigger guard…

    1. LOL good point! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that.

    2. Brittany Avatar

      In the second picture, if you zoom in, his finger is not on the trigger. The first picture, he is pointing up, probably just a ceiling. Not a real big deal. He isn’t poonting it at any people. The last pics – the guns probably are not loaded and he probably already checked(before photos were snapped). I doubt he would mess with the trigger if it is loaded, where innocent people are around.

  2. Ear defense? Chin guard? Or both? You decide, Mr. Putin.

  3. He puts his finger in the trigger guard because in Russia they teach to exert outward pressure on the trigger guard as opposed to what we do here.