The Beehive / Hornet’s Nest – 40mm 10x .22LR Adapter

This aptly named adapter known as the “beehive” or “hornet’s nest” allows you to load up to 10 .22LR cartridges, and (inserting one large pistol primer) fire them all through the little rifled steel barrels with one pull of the trigger on your 40mm grenade launcher.  40mm grenade launchers are considered destructive devices, and require a $200 tax stamp.

40mm chalk rounds and smoke rounds are readily available, but it’s the destructive ammo for them is hard to find, and VERY expensive. is selling M576 40mm buckshot rounds for $125 each and on top of that each destructive round also requires a paid tax stamp.  This beehive / hornet’s nest contraption seems like it would be great for practice, not to mention cheaper to run considering a box of 500 .22LR is around $20.

The major downside is that the adapter is $595 ( HERE on ) but if your a 40mm fan, what you spend on this adapter you’ll make up for in ammo savings in a very short time.

I’d like to see one of these made for 37mm launchers, because they are not considered destructive devices!




M4 with M203 ( 40mm grenade launcher ):


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  1. Very cool :) That must be a real blast to shoot (no pun intended).

  2. “I’d like to see one of these made for 37mm launchers, because they are not considered destructive devices!”

    If you had one, with an unregistered 37mm launcher, you would be committing a Federal Felony.

    Any 37mm possessed with any anti-personnel round (which a 37mm version of this would be) makes your launcher a weapon capable of offensive or defensive combat. (A destructive device.)


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hmmmmm good point Grog!

    2. Hi Grog, I was reading posts and got seem to be the guy in the know, how can I learn about federal tax stamps for certain weapons like this 40mm beehive attachment and what actually needs a stamp, i’s there a tell all book or website? I hope you don’t mind helping me and I really appreciate your time either way, thank you

    3. Adolph shitler Avatar
      Adolph shitler

      Free men dont ask for permission. Fuck your stamp

    4. yes when the bore and projectile is over 50 cal! volly guns under 1/2”are not DDs and the atf sent out letters that allow 22, 38, 45colt ,410 adapters make flare guns title 1 firearms!

  3. “…each destructive round also requires a paid tax stamp.”
    To correct another mistake, no, each round does not require an individual tax stamp. The rounds for the 40mm grenade launcher do not require a tax stamp unless they contain more than .25oz of explosive material in the round itself, including any lift charge. This would only include HE, and HEDP type rounds, and not HE practice like the M407. The M407 actually contains two RDX pellets, and are completely legal to own, without any stamp or regulation.

    1. Screwtape Avatar

      The beehive does indeed require a tax stamp and it’s own legal paperwork as it’s and NFA item.
      Falls under the machine gun regs.A device or firearm that fires more than one bullet per trigger pull is a machine gun whether the bullets fire consecutively or all at once

      1. Multiple barrels is “volley fire” and does NOT constitute a machine gun. Another modern example is the double-barrel Arsenal 1911 that fires 2 bullets with each trigger press.

  4. I seen in shotgun newa a 37mm adapter for a single .22lr round. It staes it comes with an ATF letter. If it was a single or 10 round conversion wouldnt it fall under the same letter???

  5. I seen in shotgun newa a 37mm adapter for a single .22lr round. It staes it comes with an ATF letter. If it was a single or 10 round conversion wouldnt it fall under the same letter???
    Its hard to stay inside the law on some of these items as the BATF doesnt know and make it up as they go along it seems??

    1. jack sparrow Avatar
      jack sparrow

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      1. jack sparrow Avatar
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          3. He wasn’t badmouthing Mexicans. He was speaking of “operation fast and furious,” which is interesting to look up. ATF arrainged for thousands of American guns to be allowed to go to Mexico, to the cartels. Many people died by those guns. Nothing derogatory towards Mexicans.

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    2. Jim-jimminy-jim-jim-jim Avatar

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  6. Hey Gene, yes, they do come up with some confusing things out of the puzzle palace sometimes… As far as a “Beehive” which I assume you are talking about, I have not seen a letter from ATF authorizing the single shot 22 conversion adapter at this time. I will check on it. The “Beehive” is a round of ammunition, and as such, would fall under the perview of ammunition for a DD or possibly AOW. Having a 12ga adapter in a 37mm, the launcher needs to be registered as either an AOW or a DD. I would assume this would be the case with the 22cal beehive also.
    As you can see from reading the above sites, ATF seems to contridict themselves if there is a letter allowing a single 22 adapter. If you have a copy, please drop me a line at the e-mail [email protected]. Thanks Gene, GROG

    1. Greenmachine Avatar

      While a 1 shot .22 adapter may be ok, a 12 ga would create a short barrel shotgun, and firing 10+ .22lr’s would make it a de-facto machine gun because you are firing more than one round of ammunition with a single operation of the trigger. A single .22 may create a short barreled rifle as well, depending on the configuration, aka, having a stock or fore-grip. IMO, a single .22 would have to be sold as a pistol and configured as such to be “legal” as a very odd .22 pistol. Sling it under an AR and now you have a .22 SBR attached to your rifle… IF they wanted to give you a hard time, which they often do.

      1. Ummm, no. A machine gun is sequential rounds from one trigger pull. So, not a machine gun.

        And a Gatling gun, with a rate of fire that can put most machine guns to shame, isn’t a machine gun…..

  7. Hey Gene, There are a couple of sites on this, for your review:
    If the 37mm is possessed with a 12ga adapter, it needs to be either an AOW or DD registered (the launcher, not the adapter). As far as 22 goes, I have not seen that letter, so I am not aware of any ruling or determination of the legality of a single shot 22. The above sites would seem to say that it would not be a “go” to have such an adapter with an unregistered 37mm. If you come across this letter, please drop me a line at the site, or at [email protected]. Thanks Gene, GROG

  8. Please erase the second one, I didn’t think it went through, thanks GROG

  9. i was thinking it would be cool to shoot a belt of these out of a mk 19 but damn 600 a piece

    1. They will not link up…..

  10. These would not function in a Mk-19. The Mk-19 is a high velocity 40mm, the Beehive is low velocity 40mm. Two different animals, and not interchangable. GROG

    1. Ryan@fuller Avatar

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      1. Iman Azol Avatar

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        1. Eugene Stoner Avatar
          Eugene Stoner

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  11. SomeNobody Avatar

    Depending on interpretation as to firing multiple rounds with a single trigger pull, a 37mm .22LR or whatnot beehive looks like it could easily be interpreted as NFA as a MG as well. Looks like suicide unless you’re doing it for personal amusement and have appropriate SOT status. I reckon 99 percent of BATFE and Judges would rule such an item a MG.

    1. JAYBIRD Avatar

      Is a derringer a “MG”?

      1. Cymond Avatar

        How many shots does a derringer fire when you pull the trigger?
        Because the beehive fires all 10 shots at the same time.

        My only guess is that it avoids MG classification because it uses a single primer to drive many firing pins to the rimfire rounds. Also, it’s incapable of firing without a 40mm launcher. I guess the gov’t sees the 40mm launcher as the firearm and the beehive as just a specialized form of ammunition.

        1. ELEMENTRY TO PRINT A M79, these days. surprised no-one has one on line yet. Ain’t like a real round with chamber pressure. Plastic should do, or hell, just a frame
          to aim and a base to lock/hold the round in register, 3 or 5 piece telescoping “pseudo-barrel”.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking,
      multiple shots, one trigger pull = mg per nfa law.

      1. If thats true what does it mean when you fire 00 buck out of a shotgun? Multi pellets/rounds all one trigger pull. Not a machine gun it’s a single shot.

  12. Ryan@fuller Avatar

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    1. Iman Azol Avatar

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  13. greg cueto Avatar

    I would buy 2 in 37mm.

  14. Jerry McMains Avatar
    Jerry McMains

    Why all the hassle, 00 buckshot is cheaper, faster to reload, and does the same thing…?
    I can buy 2, 12 gauge pump shotguns for 1 adapter.
    108 .30 cal projectiles vs 20 .22 projectiles……
    some people will buy anything.

    1. Now I just wanna mount a sawed off 12 gauge under barrel on my AR

  15. The M576 40mm buckshot round does not require a stamp tax be paid for each round. They are considered the same as any other shotgun round. HE requires a $200 tax be paid as it is an explosive grenade.

  16. 2boocoo4u Avatar

    The beauty of this projectile compared to a 12 ga buckshot round is that the 22 is rifled and holds its energy 3x longer. So effective kill range goes from 100 yards to 300 yards + they would hold a tighter pattern. 22’s are one of the most accurate rounds in a rifle bc of low recoil and most importantly the fps . Bullets have the highest ballistic Co efficiency when descending from a transonic flight.
    But is it worth the money??? Its just something to play with. I would never take it into battle.

    1. Iman Azol Avatar

      I’m sure you’re impressing yourself with that crap. But it’s still crap. .22 from a 3″ barrel is not going to be accurate at 300 yards, nor powerful, and that assumes every bore is perfectly aligned, which they won’t be. Rounds aren’t accurate because of recoil or FPS, but because of consistent loading and ballistic coefficient, among other factors, then everything else is the barrel. Your statement on transsonic flight makes no sense.

      1. Mr Saturday Night Special Avatar
        Mr Saturday Night Special

        Length of a barrel has nothing to do with accuracy.
        A barrel can be 1 inch or 10 feet long and still have the same accuracy. LENGTH only effects sight picture.
        Barrel manufacturing do effect quality/accuracy.

        1. StoneWolf Avatar

          Wrong! Length of barrel VASTLY effects bullet velocity & accuracy. The longer the bullet is propelled down the barrel faster more spin it will have. With a one inch barrel, most of the propellant gas is burned off as a fireball after the bullet leaves. A longer barrel means more accuracy.

          1. i know people train in milatery as snipers, and most them have 20 inch barrel and never use a ar gun
            or a sbr, after 100 yards wait of bullet to heavy not only that none are built to true milatery specks
            or all be heavy barrle, they all told me that they would never use anything less 20 inch gun and nothing less then 50 cal for sniping
            saying that would take a top train person to take a sbr and shot it with any range, there to many things can throw it off how the hamer hits the fireing pin
            how the triger even works, how the recoil is, how fast can u recover and retraget the gun how good is the barrel the recoil sping every part play role
            now i would give up all my ars for vipers i do it in heart beat and my ar, built with best parts best triggers, i have to leagle sbr i have nerver damage in my hands and its hard for me hold a riffle and hand gun anything above 9 mm its not possable but i can shoot a sbr, way wait is and recoil for me is perfick
            now i do own some riffles one beleave or not, i have put a airsoft granade larcher on a ar15 i to have a device will fire a gulf ball bouth leagle
            i am sorry for my spelling i have add, but i know guns, now i will admit i not a very good shotter, throw i can build guns in my sleep to me that is very simple
            but most imported parts and small it is u going have probems, is barrel if u got one them fast fireing triggers they get red hot, now even milatery had extra uppers to replace to let there guns cool down, stanless some agure the best but only if heavy barral becuase of heat, stanless tends to bend when gets to hot
            take for what worth but i talk people that live and killed in milatery they know what best are, we need lissen to them not what we think

            1. Jay, you might not be from the USA, because your spelling of the language is so extremely terrible, that it is unreadable.

        2. Not true ballistics are based on a 14 inch barrel length when test is conducted. You need a certain length to get the rifling to stabilize the round and reach high velocity.

  17. I wonder how this is legal. It seems when placed into a launcher and fired, the device would meet the NFA definition of a machine gun – More than one round fired with a single trigger pull.

    1. It’s not a machinegun. It’s a volley gun. The operation of the action only occurs once per trigger pull. Number of barrels is irrelevant.

    2. anonymous Avatar

      Since the firearm that fires it is rated as restricted it already is a class 2 firearm. Its not a firearm by itself so it cannot be considered a machine gun.

  18. […] gun, obviously. A modern version: The Beehive / Hornet?s Nest ? 40mm 10x .22LR Adapter NRA – Benefactor; Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer Life member – TSRA, […]

  19. Well the 37 mm is considered a signaling by ATF.. But once you put any anti personnel cartridge or cartridges in it then it becomes a destructive device. Hence tax stamp will be needed. The 40 mm falls under this also..Tax stamp is needed..

    1. anonymous Avatar

      40mms on the other hand tend to be made in the first place as destructiveness devices and are serial numbered since their primary purpose was anti-personal rounds, while the 37mm by default is not a destructive device since it was made as a flare launcher.

  20. anonymous Avatar

    All of you are knuckheads, every weapon out there has some type of something that makes you ask the question, “is it legal”. All states and laws of each are different. ATF has their own interpretation as well.You just need to pay attention, which most people don’t or just don’t care. If people want to spend their $$$ on what you may consider to be stupid, over the top, or another gun can already do that, then let them, what concern is it of yours. The biggest thing is that people are buying guns and ammo of some form and that is a good thing.

    1. Gypsy Robison Avatar
      Gypsy Robison

      Agreed!! That’s the only thing that matters!

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    Does the adapter need the tax stamp or just the launcher itself?

  22. MSGT J Reed Avatar
    MSGT J Reed

    I have had correspondence with Grog sense at least 1993 my agency MNCD often tapped his level of knowledge in these areas (Grog I went by lucky duck when I talked to you back then) If he is trusted by MNCD counter drug task force then calling him names and doubting his word is silly on your guys part. He has worked for decades put out books and done everything in his power to keep hobbyists out of handcuffs. Thank you Grog
    MSGt J Reed (RET)
    [email protected]

    1. Firsrtmate1060 Avatar

      Finally, the truth comes out. Easy to spot a pro from a dickhead. Lotta Dickheads here.

  23. im a machinist i just made a gun out of aluminum to house the shell and fire it. shot from the hip for home defense. showed my wife how to shoot it and its ready for our first intruder. she cant miss. lol

  24. To Ryan@Fuller

    Grog is one of the most knowledgable and experienced 37/40mm guys in the business. Since you obviously dont know that, you should shut up and listen, you might just learn something.

  25. talbot Avatar

    You are a bunch of homos.
    Strap a mossburg with a clip mod as a sawed off under barrel mount in a sideways position if you want to know what real fun is ;) fuck a beehive. And if you want a beehive find a local cnc machinist to make one way cheaper. And to the comment of the belt fed idea… Yes that would be insane and I want one. I believe H&K makes one. Anyone who feels like government would get in your way needs a class 3 or needs to move to CA with the other queers and pussys.
    Just saying

  26. coinsmith Avatar

    All this talk of the device only capable of being used in a registered DD such as a M79 is beside the point. This subcaliber device will easily chamber and fire in the M8 Pyrotechnic launcher (WWII USAF) and the British No2 Mk1 (1 1/2 inch caliber) signalling pistol, and probably others.
    So, whatcha gonna do?

  27. I have a Vietnam era M79 thumper will this bee hive work in it.’

    1. As long as the M79 barrel is 40mm this adapter will work.

  28. Grog do you know ware I could lay my hands on a AA12 Auto Shotgun
    Thanks. I will go to your web site as soon as I can find it. I am at [email protected]. Thanks again

  29. Yeah, Grog knows his business on these launchers. I got his loading CD over a decade ago. If I remember correctly I traded him for an SM58 microphone. Calling him names is way uncool.

  30. Grog is Authority on DD items

  31. Somebody make a 3way 12g beehive or maybe a 20g if the 12g is too big to do 3

  32. how can any one get right information from atf, i had ask to talk to atf lawyer i ask tell me what law is for sbr word for word
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  34. Firstmate1060 Avatar

    Im a retired US Navy Gunners mate. I just re-posted to my Time line a Picture of what I believe to be a M79 with an anodized .22LR adapter that fires 18 at a Time. Check it out