58 rounds of 9mm – Huge MAC-11 magazines

I know there are drum magazines for other guns that have almost 4x the capacity, but for an inline style magazine this is huge!


I wonder how reliable they are?

You can buy them HERE on GunBroker for $276

The manufacturer is Crane Technologies Inc.


5 responses to “58 rounds of 9mm – Huge MAC-11 magazines”

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  2. Jayson Avatar

    276 bones for a magazine! dayum! Crane industries is right, you need a crane to load it.

  3. If only it existed…

  4. THATS STUPID PRICE $276 ill for never buy from Yall peace

  5. clarence rich Avatar
    clarence rich

    am way over here in Africa kenya i wonder how i’ll get it. i gat the money. someone help