TUMI Digital Camo Luggage

For those that don’t know, TUMI is a company that makes luxury luggage and accessories such as wallets and belts.

I was in one of their stores in Minneapolis, MN recently and this caught my eye:


This is what they call their “Digital Camouflage Extra Large 35″ Wheeled Duffel” Style: 22042 , and yes it is as BOLD in real life as it looks in the picture.

You can view the rest of the collection on their website HERE

The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was “Wow, that looks like CADPAT (CAnadian Disruptive PATtern)” (CADPAT wiki page) but I’ll let you be the judge of that:


With the uncanny resemblance to CADPAT, I wonder if there are any stylish Canadian soldiers that swapped out their issue duffel for one of those TUMI bad boys.

I am not a huge fan of CADPAT.  It definitely has utility in wooded environments, but outside of that I really prefer ACUPAT for urban environments and for good coverage in a variety of other environments.  Plus I think ACUPAT (below) would have made nicer looking luggage.