TASER Shockwave

Normally I could really care less about the whole “less than lethal” industry, mainly due to the bulkiness of all the products I’ve seen, but then I came across this…

The TASER Shockwave … Yes it looks like a claymore mine and it functions like one too except it (probably) won’t kill you


The TASER® Shockwave™ system is designed as a fully modular system, allowing the end user complete flexibility to deploy as needed to achieve the desired objective. Multiple TASER Shockwave units can be stacked together either horizontally in order to extend area coverage, or vertically to allow multiple salvo engagements; or daisy chained together to maximize either area coverage or cartridge pattern density. These features provide the capability to project Area Denial from a secure location.

Skip to 20 seconds in the video below.. nothing else happens before this time except for some CGI wires flying through the air


More information on the TASER site HERE