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  • Right In The Kisser – Watermelon Slingshot Fail

    There’s an animated gif as well ( HERE ) … It would be more gratifying if the girl that got pwned didn’t seem nice. The clip is from the 17th season of the CBS show The Amazing Race, which premieres Sunday September 26th.

  • Watermelon V.S. .50 Caliber Rifle

    The same “15 yard sniper” from my previous post on the shooting of the iPhone, iPad, and iMac is back at it again with his Barrett M81A1: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tTAYFSnRW4[/youtube] If for nothing else, you need to watch the slow motion footage at 1:09. Watching it in 1080p is a must!  Then back pull the slider back to…