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  • Dick Morris Says US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty On July 27th

    Fear mongering, or is this really going down on the 27th?  I talked about the treaty a while back but didn’t hear anything about it since. Thoughts? Hat tip: Rick

  • UN Treaty May Threaten The 2nd Amendment

    This is the first, and hopefully last I’ll ever hear about this: I don’t keep my ear to the domestic gun law streets (much less the international ones), so I didn’t even know this was on the horizon until Ryan emailed me.  I don’t like the idea of some international body dictating laws in any…

  • UN Censors Gun Sculpture After Pressure From The Chinese

    Edmonton, Alberta – Two Edmonton artists are shocked that part of their internationally renowned work, The Gun Sculpture, was subject to censorship at a United Nations exhibition in Vienna this summer after pressure from the Chinese delegation. The 4.5-tonne sculpture, welded together from deactivated guns, landmines and ammunition, has been shown in many countries, including…

  • The Zombie Combat Manual

    Only $9.99 on Amazon – HERE According to the wired.com GeekDad review: The Zombie Combat Manual succeeds because it doesn’t try to rehash everything there is to know about zombies, it concentrates on hand-to-hand combat survival techniques. There are just enough encounter sections to keep things moving and Ma’s sense of humor prevents the book…

  • The WAR on drugs

    Some vivid and shocking photos from around the world More HERE at The Boston Globe