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  • Sterling Silver Toy Soldiers

    An updated pricier version of all the Green Army men from your youth: Available over at Good Art HLYWD – $235 each, or $2400 for the 12 pc. set.  Probably a neat gift idea for someone that’s hard to buy for. I wish they were bigger though!  The artist wanted to keep them true to the Vietnam era…

  • Toy Soldiers Battle With Live Ammo

    This is pretty awesome: The guy in the video (ShayCarl) has an epic beard.  It’s unconfirmed whether or not he operates in operations, but with a beard like that my guess is that he does. Hat tip – Bryan

  • Green Army Men – Casualties Of War

    The hell of war comes home. In July 2009 Colorado Springs Gazettea published a two-part series entitled “Casualties of War”. The articles focused on a single battalion based at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, who since returning from duty in Iraq had been involved in brawls, beatings, rapes, drunk driving, drug deals, domestic violence, shootings,…