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  • New Shooting Related Postage Stamps In Switzerland

    Available from Swiss Post – HERE It would probably be a cold day in hell if we ever got something similar in the U.S..  The off chance that that ever happens here, I’d send Paul Helmke from the Brady Campaign a friendly letter wishing him well in his futile efforts.

  • Swiss Army Knife – French Army Knife

    Because all you need is a quality corkscrew and a white flag if you’re french :)

  • The Swiss Mini Gun

    *You’re strolling down the street… soccer moms are grabbing their kids and glaring at you… the police are called… you end up face down on the concrete…* That is one scenario that wouldn’t likely happen if you were able to have one of these in the US and open carry it. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIq3JkoABYM[/youtube] The Swiss Mini…