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  • Shotgun Shell Candles

    Check out the “How To” over at Instructables – HERE If you happen to attempt this… seeing as they are tall and might burn unevenly, you are gonna want to make sure you don’t leave the room with one burning.

  • Shotgun Shell Butane Lighter

    Epic! And for just under $10 with shipping over at Amazon – HERE There are some other gun related lighters that I’ve seen, but most don’t even remotely resemble what they are trying to emulate.

  • Shotgun Shell Chair

    Definitely something I’d like to have in my office. There is no price listed on the artist’s site. I’ll have to drop him an email. The artist Alexander Reh’s website – HERE While we are on the topic of office furniture and decorations, I really want to get an inert M18A1 claymore (not a blue…

  • CoBIS and NY – Some questions

    CoBIS Combined Ballistic Identification System A system where the shell casing of a bullet, (or brass) from a fired round is supplied by a gun manufacturer in an approved container shipped with a new handgun that is shipped to the NY State Police when the gun is sold or if the new handgun is shipped…

  • Shotgun Shell Visual Comparison

    4ga sure looks menacing! More on Shotgun Shells at the Wiki – HERE

  • Using Modified Spent Casings as Hearing Protection

    R Lee Ermey from the History Channel show Lock & Load: Making your own: What I Did: I started off with my favorite set of ear plugs The Com-fit AB corded ear plugs. DB 26 rating. Then took my Px4 outside and fired 2 rounds into the hillside as to retrieve 2 spent .40 s&w…