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  • Shake Ya Brass Watch Yo Self

    Shake Ya Brass… Show me what you workin’ with: TWERK TWERK TWERK SWAG SWAG SWAG. Not the song in the video but Mystikal – Shake Ya Ass is what I was thinking. hahah.   Hat Tip: GearWhoresAnonymous, I love that dude.  He also has a new site up called NextGenWarFighter which has awesome patches on…

  • Cat Machine Gun

    This cat does not seem happy: It seems like all animals hate it most when their legs are held.  I can’t blame them. I Hope that is a registered meow auto sear.

  • War Through an iPhone Camera Lens

    Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder not only documents the war in Afghanistan with traditional digital cameras, he also used an iPhone camera, carried in his flak jacket pocket, coupled with a Polaroid film filter application to photograph the daily lives of Marines, Afghan soldiers and fellow journalists during the military offensive in Marjah, Afghanistan. Check…