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  • Why Americans Love Their Guns

    An inside story from Aljazeera: The video is 25 minutes long, and definitely worth watching. Say what you will about Aljazeera, but they allow a decent discussion from what i’ve seen.   The same story on FOX or CNN would have been “ZOMG guns are bad! BAN THEM ALL!” followed by interrupting and loud-talking. Thoughts?

  • Proclaiming Liberty – Giveaway Complete

    Last week I gave away 12 copies of Philip Mulivor’s book Proclaiming Liberty. Congrats to those that won! Philip will mail your books out within the next couple days.  I still have not heard back from 3 people with their addresses, but i’m going to email them all again and give it a few days.…

  • Proclaiming Liberty – Book Giveaway

    This week I’m giving away 12 copies of Philip Mulivor’s new book: About the book: More than 130 key quotes vetted for accuracy—including nearly all the famous firearms-related remarks attributed to our Founders—by checking them word-for-word against original books and documents (many predating the Declaration of Independence). The book debunks several phony quotes and sets…