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  • Protect The Flock With Your Magnetized Holster

    Magnets… how do they work?  This is what innovation looks like: I’m so charged up after reading these details: UNIQUE DESIGN FOR MAX COMFORT: Smooth nylon-plastic flexes to fit contour of back and spreads pressure evenly to eliminate pressure points ** Gun never touches skin ** Comfortable when seated in chair or car (feels similar…

  • Blackhawk Serpa Button Woes Means You’re Not Operator Enough

    Blackhawk Serpa praising goes awry: 1:05 – “People that I know, who are actually been there done that.  They like this holster.” 2:29 – Whoops.  There’s the problem… and to think this video was supposed to promote and sell the holster, not teach people a lesson about what could happen. *extremly Jamacian DJ voice* Pon de replay:…

  • More Molle More Problems

    Just like the Notorious B.I.G. said… or not: Even though it’s airsoft crap, you get the point.  The end result is pretty funny. If there is one thing I learned from this video it is that Epic Mealtime can not be duplicated.

  • Security Guard Gun Retention Fail

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1-4p_QZuJY[/youtube] That just looks painful. He probably forgot he was even carrying a gun after that.

  • Speer Gold Dot Ammunition Comparison

    For those of you that were a fan of the previous Winchester Ranger Ammo Comparison.  Here is a similar comparison chart for Speer Gold Dot ammunition: Readable Full resolution copy available – HERE (Save as… to download and view) Both charts are definitely worth taking into consideration when choosing you’re carry ammunition.

  • Winchester Ranger ammo comparison

    Full resolution copy available – HERE (Save as… to download and view) You might want to take a look at this when considering what caliber and type of ammo to carry. I never realized that the expansion and retention varied so much even within the same caliber depending on the style of bullet you use.…