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  • Private Military Companies – Operators For Hire

    Vice takes a look: Interesting stuff. Cool how they didn’t completely just look at the US side of things.  That Czech range with the tires is badass.  Looks like they have been running a multicam-black type pattern before it was cool The one NY Times guys puts it well – “Are they truly American or are they truly…

  • Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare – Reveal Trailer

    A virtual Kevin Spacey tells us what’s up: Looks like he’s had some work done. Holy the weapons and the vehicles look high tec. VICE takes a look a the implications of Private Military Companies (PMCs): Interesting stuff.   Are people excited for this game?   Damn I see it comes out November 4th, 2014……

  • Guns For Hire – Afghanistan

    This aired a couple of years ago on Skyone in the UK.  It’s about private military companies in Afghanistan: [googlevideo]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7363637773800999021[/googlevideo] I haven’t watched it yet, but It looks promising. Anyone that has seen it have any comments?