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  • Computer Chair Attacker Dry Fire Training

    hahah Funker Tactical GN; what a silly goose: bruH 😂.  Oh well, whatever works.  I just hope that entire house is his, because if he has downstairs roommates or neighbors they are going to hate him. He should tape a knife 🔪 to that chair to up the realism a bit. Thoughts?

  • Empty .22LR Casing Bracelets For Rich Hipsters

    Semi-acceptable at first glance I suppose: BRZN is a collection of bullet casing jewelry. The bracelets are made with .22lr bullet casings, colorful camo paracord and wire. Each piece is handcrafted with a combination of new and sustainable materials to create something rugged, fun, eye-catching and different.There are over twenty styles of paracord available in…

  • Paracord Thong Bikini Bottom

    Terrible looking product shot, no shot of a model wearing it, and a terrible looking website where you can buy it for $20.  If after that trifecta of fail you still have a lady in your life you want to see in this thing then I suppose you should head over to purchase it and…

  • Paracord Bikini Top

    For the girl that likes to keep it tactical, even at the beach: $25 over at Paraphernalia Gear.  They don’t sell bikini bottoms to go with it.  Weak that they don’t have it on a model in any pics. :/ Thoughts? Hat tip: Reggie