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  • Guns – Not Only For Killing People

    MrColionNoir making sense as usual: I don’t even argue with people about guns and how evil they are anymore, I just ask them questions.  That gets them thinking that maybe they don’t have any REAL reason to hate guns, outside the fact they just don’t like the idea they COULD be used to kill.  That’s totally…

  • Universal Background Checks To Save Lives

    Like H-Town in the summertime, MrColionNoir keeps it 100: More regarding how criminals will all of the sudden miraculously start following laws, and lives will be saved. 2:31 – She?  haha he’s a gender equal criminal basher!  I know there are definitely girl criminals too,  I just catches me off guard sometime. I say it…

  • Compromisers Gonna Compromise – Gun Control

    MrColionNoir doesn’t play that shit: Yea this makes sense as usual.  As I always say, the people who NEED to see these videos aren’t seeing them though which really sucks.  It’s still cool they exist though so like minded people like you and I can sit at home nodding our heads. Thoughts?