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    Meat America, F**k yeah: A book covering the American spirit through meat, by photographer Dominic Episcopo: At a time when America is searching to define its values and trying to uncover the inspiration of what it means to be uniquely ‘American’, we need a manifesto! And it would make sense that it should be carved…

  • Raw Meat Guns

    Some people might be grossed out.   I got hungry, and wanted to fire up the BBQ:

  • Meat Tags And The USMC

    It is a grim reminder of the cost of war. But for marines based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, getting a meat tag – a tattooed copy of their vital information inked into their skin – means paying a visit to Jesse Mays before they head off to war.   Full article at the BBC…

  • Zombie Meat Jerky

    Only In Japan: Pretty nasty looking blue colored “flesh”, which apparently according to the package has been “Aged to deadly perfection at the grave yard” For $4.50, why not? You can’t even buy a bag of Jack Link’s for that! Hat Tip: Pink Tentacle via Boing Boing